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Inside Expeditions: Explore Microscopic Art

Go inside the classroom of Amberleigh Ray’s expedition titled “Microscopic Art,” which is designed to merge art with cell biology. The expedition tasked students with visually recreating a eukaryotic cell (the type of cells found in animals), and gave students even more creative license to allow science to influence the art.

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Alumni Corner: Alexa Martinez & Banking Model

Alexa Martinez’s interests cannot be put into a neat box. The Math and Statistics Major at Coastal Carolina University recently won second place in a school-wide competition for her essay on how the “banking model” of education, coined by Brazilian thinker Paulo Freire, impedes class consciousness— an idea that is spelled out in the popular book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. I sat down with the Sora alum to see what she’s up to now, how Math & Statistics relate to the humanities, and how Sora prepared her for college.