4 Reasons Students Love Attending Sora Schools

4 Reasons Students Love Attending Sora Schools

If you’re a parent looking into online schools, we’ve already interviewed parents about why they love virtual high school for their child. 

But if you’re a student interested in a fresh school experience, here’s your chance to hear actively enrolled students share about why they love attending Sora. 

Sora is a flexible, fun virtual high school experience that puts you, the student, first. 

Here are four reasons that students have loved their experience at Sora.

1. Sora is a Supportive Social Community

I do feel like Sora is social and interactive. The Discord server is kind of like a common room for the school. By being active within there and other private chats, I feel very connected with my peers.


I would say Sora brings more positive and meaningful social interactions than my previous school.


I chose to go to Sora because it offered a community of people that seemed to have a similar level of curiosity about the world as me, which has been a rare occurrence outside of Sora. 

The environment at Sora is very open to having social interactions about school or non-school topics. For instance, I watched a video on quantum physics that got me very interested in it. The environment at Sora allowed me to have an in-depth discussion with several other students about a topic that I was very interested in.


The community is extremely different from traditional schools. Communication is more effective, and everybody seems to be way less stressed. The way Sora sets up work is more engaging and feels productive to me.

I feel like I made some of my closest friends here, and I don’t know any other school that hears our voices more than this one.


2. Sora Provides a Flexible, Polished Alternative for Homeschoolers

I chose to attend Sora for a pretty simple reason: I wanted the flexibility to do what I want to do academically in the format that works for me best. I’ve found that online works the best for me, so something online and project-based seemed like a no-brainer.

Sora is definitely much different than my previous schooling experiences. Since I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, I’ve either had to go to homeschool co-ops for in-person classes or a dual enrollment program. The latter of which wasn’t really possible in middle school. Sora is much more polished than many of the other homeschool classes I have attended. To add on to that, Sora is strictly student-centered, meaning the student comes first.


3. Sora Engages and Empowers Curious Minds

I saw a quote once on a blog post I was reading and it said something along the lines of, “boredom and obedience, for the curious child, is torturous.” Sora is a strong embodiment of trying to cure those practices for curious children.

One of the things that gives me a lot of excitement and peace simultaneously is the idea of Sora being very “tight-knit and student-centered.” This is one of the things I was looking for at my old school. A place that actually celebrates unique ideas and allows execution on that front.


4. Sora Allows Students to Customize their Academics from Anywhere

I had two big reasons for choosing to go to Sora, one of them being the fact that it’s project-based learning. Project-based learning allows me to learn core subjects while doing the things that I want to do in my future. Secondly, the fact it’s online is very convenient because I can go to both my parents’ houses, which are in different states, without having to worry about school getting in the way.


Sora also offered the opportunity to explore learning in the way of my choosing through their project system. This is attractive because being able to choose my own topics keeps me motivated and curious.

The biggest difference between Sora and other schools that I have attended is that Sora is really open-ended, allowing the students to learn in the way that works for them 100% of the time. I like to learn by making, designing, and building things. I would not have been able to make what I wanted to make and get credit for it at a public school, but at Sora I can.


Interested in Learning More?

Sora is a virtual high school for students who want to shape their education to their own interests. It’s a social community where creative, motivated students support each other to become the best versions of themselves. 

If this sounds like a school you could see yourself in, click here to schedule a meeting with our admissions team.

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