A Day in the Life of a Sora Student

A Day in the Life of a Sora Student

Written by Sydney Spexarth, 10th grade student at Sora

Some people wonder what happens during a normal school day at Sora because it is not like most high schools. I shadowed a student, Hannah, to see what her day was like, and I also sat down and asked a few students some questions about their day to learn about their schedule and daily life.


Most of the meetings Hannah had, I also had. She and I both attended morning standup (where I happened to be presenting and is where we talk about what we are doing for the day), math office hours (where we work on our math and get help from the teachers), afternoon checkpoint (where we talk about what we have done for the day), and STEM office hours (we explain what we are working on for a STEM project and discuss with the teachers and students). When Hannah was not in meetings, she said she was studying for her AP exams coming up, which is the only thing she was really working on besides regular school work. 

Hannah usually wakes up at 7:30AM, and gets some breakfast. After that, she says she tries to start studying before morning standup. She also looks at her schedule for that day. When she’s not in meetings, she studies and reads, and she also said that lately she’s been going on walks. I asked her how she stays organized, and she replied with: “I use the google calendar for Sora meetings, but I also like to take notes, and use sticky notes for assignments.” She usually spends 8 to 9 hours on school, including her meetings. Hannah also attends regularly with clubs. She likes to attend the roadmap club (a club for feedback on Sora), debate club, and movie club. Lastly, she helps with new students going through a trial or just starting with Sora, and also socializes with the students outside of school. 


He wakes up at 6AM every morning, and works out. After he works out, he likes to read, and update Notion (platform for everyone to put what they are working on with Sora). Outside of meetings, he works on KhanAcademy, Noredink, CK12 (which are all online learning platforms), and farm research for his project. When it’s not schoolwork or meetings, he makes beats, takes care of his plants, and helps his siblings with their schoolwork. He stays organized through all this by checking his google calendar regularly, and taking notes. With all his work, he typically spends 6 to 8 hours on schoolwork. He runs debate club and anime club, but he also attends movie club and sometimes roadmap club. Jayden definitely tries to socialize with other students by constantly reaching out and helping the new students adjust to life at Sora.


Cymri starts her mornings at 7, and does a 15 minute workout. She then showers, eats her breakfast (cottage cheese and fruit), and starts doing some extra work. Outside of meetings, she works on retrievals for that week (this is a program of questions for things they are working on from the week before), studying for level up sessions (level up sessions are where you can learn and get a better understanding of a topic), and reading. There are two ways she tries to stay organized: a planner where she writes down her hourly schedule, and just taking notes. She spends 7 to 9 hours working on schoolwork throughout the week, and attends clubs regularly. She attends movie club, art club, debate club, book club, and sometimes roadmap club.


He starts at 8:30 in the morning, and showers. He then gets breakfast and checks the schedule for the day. Outside of meetings, Cade is usually studying, going on walks, and talking to other peers and friends. He tries to stay organized by using the google calendar and taking notes. On average, he spends 7 to 8 hours a day doing school. Cade runs movie club, and attends art club and roadmap club. Outside of school, he does socialize with other students, and helps new students get to know their way around the school.

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