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With Sora Schools

A Full-Service, Social Media Marketing Solution For Your Brand

Our bright, enthusiastic students are trained and ready to accelerate your business through social media marketing. Using everything from content writing to video editing to graphic design, we’re ready to do whatever is needed to grow your business. All of our students are trained and supervised by experienced marketers who have worked with organizations like Coca Cola, State Bank, Georgia Tech, and more!

Fund the Education of the Next Generation

We’re looking to partner with brands that are searching for high-quality, yet extremely affordable, social media marketing services while aiming to give back and invest in the next generation. Payment for these services go directly into scholarships for students at Sora Schools.

Your company can make a major difference in the lives of our students, giving them access to a world-class education and offering them the opportunity to contribute to the success of your business.

Examples of Our Work

What We Do

Although we do a myriad of jobs for our clients, we focus on four high-impact activities:

  • Producing quality social posts, graphics, and short videos for your content marketing
  • Responding to people talking about your brand online and managing your social media presence
  • Reaching out to influencers and pitching your product to potential customers who are asking for your services
  • Creating engaging ads which drive traffic to your website

About Sora Schools

Sora is a virtual, project-based high school with the purpose of accelerating students towards their wildest dreams.

Sora Schools Video Game Concept Art Project

In our program, we use an individualized, project-based learning approach where we work 1:1 with students to design projects based around their interests, making it both relevant to their aspirations and the skills they will need to succeed in the workforce. We connect them with internships to get real-world work experience. Overall, students are part of a community of enthusiastic young learners who all push each other to excel, collaborate on projects, and support others when help is needed.

Goals of Our Work + Study Program

Provide opportunities for real work experience for students. In traditional high school programs, students often aren’t given the opportunity to explore their career aspirations. We believe students should have the opportunity to explore careers that interest them in high school, gain valuable work experience, and figure out what they want to do in the future.

Offset tuition for students. Opportunities are endless, but they’re not evenly distributed. Earnings from student work go directly towards their tuition to fund their personalized education at Sora, giving access to a greater amount of students across the country who otherwise would not be able to afford it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum budget?

In order to recoup the costs associated with setting up your account with us and management, we have a minimum budget of $800 per month. At that minimum budget in past projects, we have produced 30 custom posts, 30 replies to influencers, 30 responses to customers, and at least 250 new, real followers on twitter.

What if I don’t like the students’ work?

Teenagers are social media natives–they understand upcoming trends and know how to navigate that world better than most. Also, we offer a free trial for 5 days! In the worst case scenario, you get free content for your social media profile.

Are there any adults involved? Who’s monitoring these students?

All of our students work with professional marketers on our team who supervise the students and provide quality assurance. Right now, our team includes marketers who have served clients like Coca Cola, State Bank, Cadence Bank, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

That’s a great deal. How are your prices so low?

We only charge what it takes to cover our student’s tuition with two hours of work per day. Plus, as an agency, we outsource some of the repetitive tasks associated with growing audience to our overseas partners. However, our students will still be doing 100% of the work you see including writing posts, responding to customers, creating graphics/videos, etc.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Job Partner?

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