Co-Learning Space Program

Learn Together In-Person with Others

Through a partnership with Kaipod Learning, we offer the opportunity for our students to meet and learn alongside other students in-person in physical locations around the country.

KaiPod provides in-person learning centers designed specifically for online learners. This program is a supplement to your child’s daily program and experience at Sora–you can enroll at Sora with or without the co-learning space option.

At Kaipod, Sora students will attend their Learning Expeditions, work on their projects, attend clubs, do their House activities, and fully participate in our online program. However, students choosing to attend a KaiPod Learning site will also receive in-person academic support and extracurricular activities.

Sora Co-Learning Space in Atlanta, Georgia

An Inspiring, Supportive Learning Environment

1:1 Academic Support

KaiPod Learning Coaches are all former classroom teachers. Pods of learners are small in size, with only 8-10 students per pod, and Learning Coaches provide individual support for academics and executive functioning skills including time management, goal-setting, and note-taking.

Social Activities

Every day, students have the opportunity to collaborate, socialize, and form friendships with their peers. KaiPod Learning Coaches purposefully provide free time during the day to encourage friendships and positive group dynamics.

Enrichment Opportunities

Each pod provides professionally-led enrichment activities that integrate your child’s passions into their daily KaiPod experience. Some examples of enrichment activities include: music, art, coding, animation, science, hiking, and more!

In-Person Learning Locations and Plans

Families can choose the schedule that works best for their family and child. Students can attend an in-person pod 2, 3, or 5 days per week.

Locations are available in many U.S. states, so visit KaiPod Learning or speak with a Sora admissions counselor to get more information about KaiPod and our hybrid learning option.

Locations for the 2022-2023 school year include multiple cities within AZ, CA, FL, GA, MA, PA, and TX.