A Guide to Our Curriculum at Sora

Our curriculum is custom-made in collaboration between our Learning Experts and each student to suit their specific interests and learning style. Our curriculum consists of project work, online learning, self-study, and research. 

We designed our curriculum to include not only the required high school subject areas, but also important financial literacy skills, ethics, design thinking, and soft skills such as time management and professional communication. 

The following is a guide to how we build our curriculum and how students progress academically at Sora.

We start with each required academic course, like Physics:

We break each course into its individual standards, similar to what classroom instructors do to organize their units and lesson plans. From here, we let students choose skills they want to self-study or include in a project. 

Once a student decides to include a skill in their project, they work with our learning Experts to scaffold learning resources and to create a plan to complete the project and master the skill. 

Skills are evaluated on a Mastery scale from 0-3

  • 0 means that student has no exposure to the skill
  • 1 means that student is aware of the concept, can call it by name, has yet to apply it
  • 2 means that student has applied the skill in some way, either in a project or has demonstrated competency to an Expert
  • 3 means that student has mastered the skill and has applied it in multiple ways

We call these mastery levels “Stars“. Students need an average of 2.5 stars per subject to graduate. 

How do students complete all of these skills?

Students are responsible for hitting a certain “pace” per week. This is a simple calculation of their total Stars required to graduate, divided by their weeks left until graduation. We call this metric Stars per Week

Students can also choose to take AP exams

Often, students are able to receive AP-level credit for their project work, especially for longer, more in-depth projects. Students can elect to order Spring AP exams at the beginning of the Fall semester. We will also add structured guidance for each AP to their yearly path with us. 

What if a student doesn't master a skill within a project?

That is okay! It is common for students to not completely master every skill they incorporate into their projects. The beauty of mastery-based curriculum is that students have multiple chances to demonstrate their knowledge. 

How does self-study work?

Students may choose to self-study certain skills unrelated to their projects. Students can work with our faculty to identify resources. The student then will schedule a session to demonstrate their mastery to a Sora learning Expert.  

The bigger picture (of skills)

Students progress academically at Sora by completing all these Skills. As shown above, we broke each required high school subject into bite-sized skills. We have over 250 skills at Sora that are required to graduate. 

So does my student get a transcript?

Students at Sora do receive transcripts. We package all of the individual skills or academic standards back into their subjects and produce a mastery-based transcript for colleges. 

We also feature students’ top projects and accomplishments right at the top, so admissions counselors have more context. This is important because they get to see the student’s work that represents deep knowledge and interest in a certain field or subject. This also helps students draw a clear path of their journey through our program, adding context and color to their decisions. 

Graduation Requirements at Sora

Sora has one graduation certificate, the diploma, which carries with it the school’s recommendation to college. The program of study leading to graduation requires a minimum of 22 units taken while at the high school. 

Core Subject Requirements

English (4 units)

Mathematics (4 units) 

History/Social Science (3) units

World Languages (2+ units)

Science (4 units) 

Physical Education (1 unit)

Additional Requirements

Financial Literacy

Design and Creation

Philosophy, Logic, Ethics

Life and Professional Skills

In addition to meeting the subject-based graduation requirements, students will also leave Sora as effective and professional communicators, with skills to scaffold solutions to real world problems. Our project-based learning model helps hone their design thinking skills and develop empathy for the people around them. Throughout their time with us, students are seeking and finding mentors in their field of interest that can give them feedback on their projects and path along the way. This is all towards students being able to make a conscious, purposeful decision of what’s next after high school, based on well-articulated and developed goals and interests.