Debunking Popular Myths About Online School

Debunking Popular Myths About Online School

People can say just about anything they want on the internet. If you’re curious about online school, it can be hard to separate representative information from someone’s bad experience. We’re going to tackle the popular myths about online school together, so that you can have confidence about what virtual education is actually like.

Myth #1: Online School is Easy

This is a popular question that students ask. Students on Reddit looking for an easy A ask if the online version of a course is easier than the in-person option. What isn’t easy is sorting out the slew of mixed reviews. One student says his online Statistics course was a nightmare. Another says that online English was a breeze. 

If you read enough student reviews, you’ll find that their perceived difficulty of online courses vary just as much as in-person courses. In the end, academic rigor depends on which school, which instructor, and which class you’re talking about.

Education experts agree. Across the board, there’s no major difference in difficulty between online and traditional schools. If you’re interested in an online school, research its curriculum. Read its course descriptions. Sift through students’ reviews of their experience. Chances are, if you’re considering a reputable school, the academic quality won’t be lacking.

Myth #2: Online Degrees Don’t Appeal to Colleges and Employers

If you’re thinking about your future college and career, you might worry that an online degree will make you less competitive. But you can set aside your worries and rest assured. 

Colleges and employers don’t care if your degree is from an online or in-person school. They care about your school’s reputation. They care about the skills and experience that you bring to the table that will make their institution, organization, or company thrive. Online school expands your academic options beyond what your local school offers. Online school could give you exclusive experience in your prospective field that makes you stand out among students enrolled in more traditional courses. 

To get your foot in the door, make sure that you only consider accredited online schools. While colleges and employers are flexible about online versus in-person, they’re not flexible about accreditation. Earning a degree from an unaccredited online high school could mean that your college application is among the first to be discarded.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with accreditation. Here’s a list of recognized accreditation agencies. Take a look at your prospective online school’s website. See whether or not it lists one of these accrediting agencies. If you can’t find any listed accreditation on the website, you can always contact the school to ask directly.

Myth #3: Students Cheat More
in Online School

Many people think that it’s easier to cheat online without an instructor present. After all, if you’re taking an online exam, can’t you just Google the answers? 

This is a reasonable concern, but it’s not founded on the data. Cheating detection measures continue to grow more sophisticated. In addition to implementing cheating detection software, online instructors may also opt for students to take exams on video.

Most importantly, research reveals that cheating occurs less frequently in online classes than in traditional classes.

What These Myths About Online
School Reveal

Even though these myths about online school don’t hold up to the facts, they do reveal people’s concerns and values regarding their education. Answering them helps you know what to look for in an online school, so that you can find the school that best supports your journey toward future opportunities. 

Look for an online school that’s accredited, has a good reputation, and gives you early access to experience in fields that you’re passionate about.

Why Consider Sora?

Sora is a unique virtual high school that offers all of these qualities and more. We are fully accredited by the WASC Accrediting Commission for Schools. Backed by the Mastery Transcript Consortium, we hold a reputation for innovative, cutting-edge education. 

What’s more, Sora offers an exclusive education experience that makes our students stand out in the crowd. With Sora, students get to break free from the standardized education mold offered at local schools. 

Want to be a writer? We’ll walk you through writing your first novel. Interested in tech development? Our Learning Experts will guide you through hands-on projects to develop the skills you want to learn. Sora provides a space where you, the student, get to shape how and what you learn. 

If you’d like to find out more about what enrolling at Sora could look like for you, click here to speak with our admissions team.

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