The project-based library designed for curious students.

Sora Schools, an award-winning, private, virtual high school, is sharing hundreds of project-based activities from their curriculum for free! Perfect for gifted middle or high school students.

Sora Schools’ activities library encompasses 150+ stylized lessons designed by students, with subjects ranging from “How Might We Empower One Another to Prevent, Treat, and Beat Cancer?” to “How Can Wearable Devices be Used to Promote and Track Both Physical and Financial Health?” 

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Interested in learning more?

Our activities library is designed with the intention of providing families with a free collection of experiential lessons across a myriad of areas and career-development focused interests. 

Access The Free Activities Library

Sora Activities Library: A world-class collection

At Sora, we’ve built a library of high-quality learning experiences for our own curriculum. But, now we’re opening up this library for you to use with your high school students–or advanced middle schoolers!

You can use it as a lab to spice up a textbook chapter, or as a full-fledged PBL curriculum for use at home.

With over 200 activities, we’ll have something to interest any learner.

Search by subject, hobby, time estimate, and more!

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Our Curriculum &
Mastery-Based Learning

At Sora, we proudly implement mastery-based learning to provide premium education to students. Our students learn all the basic knowledge in core subjects that they would at a traditional school. But they also learn so much more. 

Sora’s project-based curriculum is individually built for each student’s interests and goals. Through immersive and active learning experiences, students practice real world, modern skillsets. Our students demonstrate their learning by applying their knowledge in our project-based curriculum. Sora’s STEM Expert, Carolyn, shares how students demonstrate their math and science knowledge through real-world applications: 

I said, “Let’s develop an app that helps reduce the spread of COVID.” That’s all I said. So they created an app that could help their communities monitor risk for COVID. That’s exponential functions. We talked about exponential growth, as well as exponential decay with the vaccines. While they’re learning this math, they’re also addressing the biology of this disease. 

We follow an Oxford-like model, where our learning experts serve as topical experts and collaborate with students on their projects. Students progress through our program at their own pace and thrive with learning autonomy

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What is Sora?

Sora is a live, virtual, accredited high school designed to accelerate students towards their wildest dreams.  At Sora, students work with our teachers to design and create hands-on projects based on what they’re interested in learning–anything from computer science to 18th century Victorian fashion. Teachers help students scope their projects and incorporate academic standards from Math, Science, English, History, and more.

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Our experts and counselors work with our students to create a personalized curriculum aligned with their interests and learning preferences.

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Real-World Projects

Students pursue their passions with industry-level projects with real-world application.


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Dynamic Learning Community

Sora provides community-wide live support via industry mentors, counselors, faculty, and peer groups.


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Sora Learning Lab Podcast

Sora Learning Lab is a show where we dive into the world of learning research and innovative pedagogy. Through interviews with education researchers, leaders, and innovators, we’ll explore the ideas and trends behind the future of learning.

Sora’s learning lab demystifies and breaks down pointed topics (like “The Relevancy Gap in K12 Curriculum,” “The Post Covid Education System,” and “The Importance of Building Independence in Students”) featuring speakers from The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, 4.0 Schools, The Learning Scientists & more. Check out the learning lab here. 

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