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Sponsored materials

Digital resources for students

At Sora, our commitment to enhancing the learning experience knows no bounds. That's why we provide each and every student with a comprehensive array of cutting-edge digital tools tailored to various disciplines. 

Sora Digital Pack

Sora students have access to accounts that use their Sora Schools email. We work with these vendors to ensure their data privacy practices are in line with our own. Here is the list of technology tools every Sora student has access to:

  • Sora Home

  • Google Suite

  • Heartbeat

  • Rosetta Stone

  • Zoom

  • Gizmos (STEM)

  • Desmos (Math)

  • IXL (Math)

  • Writable (Writing)

  • Proquest (Research)

  • Canva (Design)

  • Banzai (Financial literacy)

Unlimited books for every student

We offer an entire online library of digital books via Overdrive app called Sora.

Sora starter kits

Explore the lists of the essential items that students will consistently utilize throughout their various expeditions at Sora.


We have a robust orientation process for all new students and their families to understand how to excel in our unique program. This includes a series of informative workshops, “foundations” expeditions, guided registration planning with your student’s advisor, and icebreaker events for students to bond with their new housemates.