Educating at Sora

A Faculty Open House

Saturday, February 12th at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Are you an educator who’s curious about what it would be like to work at an all-virtual, project-based middle and high school? Join Sora Schools for our faculty open house to learn about how our program works, the types of students who attend, and what we look for in new faculty members! Hear from the Head of Schools, Director of Admissions, faculty, students, and a special guest speaker on the future of school.

Our Speakers:


Chris Wilson, Head of Schools

Rebecca Kaden, Board of Directors for Sora Schools, Outschool & General Assembly

Anthony Gault, Director of Admissions

…plus students, faculty & more!

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Our Program

Sora Schools is the project-based, virtual high school that helps students soar. Our innovative curriculum takes online school from “sitting-behind-your-desk” and turns it into an engaging experience for each student’s unique needs.

Sora’s full-time, accredited program is comprised of creative lessons such as “The Science of Marvel,” “Engineering Rollercoasters,” and “Philosophy, Logic, and the Art of Argumentation”. Students take advantage of self-directed independent assignments that lead students to tackle questions from “What if Monet was a contemporary artist working with digital tools?” to “What are the economics behind building a tiny house community?” and beyond. Because we give the students autonomy and voice in their learning, they are also more engaged and have better academic outcomes.

What does Sora look for in faculty?

First and foremost, we seek educators with a contagious passion for their specific areas of expertise and active desire to create fun, engaging, and practical projects that fit with our curriculum. Familiarity with mastery- or competency-based learning is ideal, as is previous experience in independent schools or other nontraditional education settings.

We expect our faculty to have superior communication and time management skills, which will be showcased in interactions with their peers as well as with students and families.

Our educators should lead with the approach of being a divergent thinker, embracing technology as a tool for learning, and honoring the big ideas of all students.

If you think the current education system is not designed to meet students where they are and accelerate them to where their dreams take them, join us!

Key traits:

Ability to lead a group of middle or high school students towards structured learning goals

Expertise in specific areas relating to STEM or humanities

Familiarity with building intrinsic motivation and how to curate it

Passionate about educating the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and doers


Bonus Points:

Experience with virtual learning

Familiarity with a variety of tech tools and platforms

Experience with nontraditional education, etc.

About the Event

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This event will include a high-level overview of Sora’s mission and key features of our program. Attendees can expect to hear from our students about the Sora experience, as well as an overview of the faculty experience from the perspective of one of our faculty members.

At the close of the event, we will lay out the next steps for employment at Sora and our hiring process.


Check out our careers page for open positions.