Flexible Tuition

  • Average award amount (and/or range) of Flexible TuitionĀ (graphic)
  • Total Flexible Tuition awarded
  • Percentage of students receiving Flexible Tuition

What is Flexible Tuition?

Flexible Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program that allows families to apply for reduced tuition, taking their financial circumstances into account.

How Do Families Qualify?

There are a wide range of families who qualify, from those who can afford only minimal tuition to those who can afford almost full tuition. Sora Schools awards over (X amount) to approximately XX% of the student body. The average income for families receiving Flexible Tuition is $XXXXX.

We recognize that every family situation is different and that even a small amount of reduced tuition can make a critical difference for many families. Sora encourages all families to apply for Flexible Tuition if they think they may qualify. Recently, Flexible Tuition rates ranged from $XXX to $XXX.