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Atlanta in-person event

Some high school families gathered in Atlanta to connect and explore the city through a place-based learning expedition

Our trip

Sora was founded in Georgia, and there is a higher concentration of Sora students in Atlanta than in any other state. Additionally, Atlanta’s airport offers convenient and affordable air travel options.

A community experience

The event brought together around 15 students from both Chronos and Athena Campuses, along with their families, including parents, grandparents, and siblings. With a total of 30-40 attendees, the group engaged in various activities throughout the weekend. Sora Deans Michael Granado and Alan Parish, as well as co-founder Wesley Samples, were present on Friday and Saturday to support and participate in the event.

Building connections in-person

The event with Chronos and Athena gave students a valuable opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and forge new friendships. Although the two campuses are separate, the in-person gathering enabled students to interact with their peers from both campuses, fostering a more connected and unified Sora community.

The in-person Sora meet-ups are so much fun. They are a great way make and strengthen connections with those at your school. I highly recommend them to anyone that can go; it’s definitely worth trying.

Parent at Sora

A family experience

During the program, students engaged in various social settings and conversed with each other. Activities included visiting restaurants, exploring a farmers market, touring historical sites such as the Jimmy Carter Museum and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Site, and observing marine life at the Georgia Aquarium.


Sometimes 11th. Never 12th.

Due to our unique campus and curricular model, Sora only considers enrollment for eleventh graders in the fall of their junior year. Like most independent schools, unfortunately Sora can not consider applicants to the twelfth grade. Our mastery model makes it difficult for a high school senior to graduate with the necessary credits they need to successfully apply and enroll in an institution of higher education.