Sora Schools

The future of school

The pioneering school where students identify and solve real-world problems

Sora is the virtual private middle and high school turning today’s students into tomorrow’s change-makers.

A full-time school program accredited by
Cognia, WASC, and approved by NCAA. 

Our mission

Everyone deserves a world-class, future-focused education, not just the 0.1% with access today.

Innovative curriculum

Our unparalleled curriculum puts students in charge of their education. With over 400 interest-based classes and a mastery-based assessment system that rewards trial and error, your student will fall in love with the world we share while developing essential 21st-century skills.

The problem with traditional assessment

Traditional assessment practices, particularly in the form of high-stakes testing rampant in schools today, create immense stress and limit the ability of students to revise their mistakes and improve over time.

In a world where a single low test score can jeopardize a student’s dreams, students are stuck in fearful learning. While the threat of these consequences might drive engagement in the short term, it wreaks havoc on students’ mental health and creates a society with a Pavlovian association between learning and fear.

Life at Sora

Students and their families make lifelong connections and friendships through our program.


Meet daily to guide and support student growth


Stimulate curiosity, friendships, and opportunities for leadership

Social activities

Homecoming, prom, and beyond!

Sora families can be anywhere and everywhere

Ever feel like you are a servant to your school's calendar? Sora is built around your busy life, from business opportunities to travel plans. Take your kids with you, and their school can come too.

My child has become truly engaged, enthusiastic, and taken full ownership of her learning. It has been amazing to sit alongside her transformation!

Current parent at Sora

Hartley family

One of our favorite parts of Sora has been the opportunities it has given Owen to have a say in his own learning. The variety of unique expeditions has helped him find interests he didn't know he had. 

Speake family

Mateo is finishing his second year at Sora. Sora allows us the flexibility to work around his racing schedule, both at the track and at home. 

Tulk family

Sora truly is a school built for the student. We have tried almost every other model, this is the first time my daughter is experiencing what joy of learning really looks like.

Accreditation & love

CEEB Code- 110355

Cognia Accredited


Niche Grade

Join a 30-min info session

We invite all parents and guardians to join us and discover why students flourish in Sora's groundbreaking program. Our info session is a great opportunity for you to get to know us better, ask any questions, and get a feel for our community. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and engaging learning environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility.

Use this tool to grab a virtual seat for an upcoming session.


Anthony Gault

Director of Enrollment Management, Sora Schools