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Fantastic Beasts

Into the microscopic world of cells

World of cell biology

Embark on a thrilling adventure where you'll dive deep into the microscopic world of cells and unleash your imagination to create your very own extraordinary creature! In this exhilarating expedition, students will explore the fascinating world of cell biology, uncovering the secrets behind cell types, structures, and functions.

But that's just the beginning! Students will then harness their newfound knowledge to design their unique lifeform from the cellular level up. Along the way, we'll also delve into the captivating processes that enable organisms to thrive, such as cellular respiration, homeostasis, energy production, and protein synthesis.

Get ready to blend science and creativity in this unforgettable journey that will ignite your passion for biology and spark your imagination. Enroll in Fantastic Beasts and How to Build Them today, and unleash the creature creator within you!

Project creation

Students will have the opportunity to create their own unique creature. In doing so, they will explore different aspects of the creature’s life ranging from the microscopic to the environment it lives in and its everyday activities. To share this information, students will create a storybook (consisting of both writing and images) that tells the story of the creature that they create. This story can be delivered as a physical book, a digital book, or even a video.

Units & abilities

Units you will learn

  • Life Science

Abilities you will practice

  • Effective Communications
  • Truth-Seeking
  • Creativity

Essential questions

  • What do all organisms have in common?
  • Why are cells important?
  • How do organisms get and use energy?