Faculty Spotlight: Carolyn Reeves

Faculty Spotlight: Carolyn Reeves

Written by Sydney Spexarth, current 10th grade student at Sora

I’ve been a student at Sora Schools for a few months. I work with the teachers constantly, but I wanted to get to know them more. So, I sat down and interviewed Carolyn Reeves, our STEM Learning Expert. I asked her about what she typically does on a school day, but I also asked her about her previous work before she became a learning expert at Sora.

What did you do before working at Sora?

Carolyn has been teaching for five years prior to Sora. She worked at Pickens High School and River Ridge High School teaching Algebra 1 through Calculus. Before that, Carolyn had actually gotten her Master’s Degree in Math and wrote her thesis on project-based learning and using tools like Minecraft to teach subjects like geometry to students. Carolyn spent much of her career working in different fields like higher education, technology, and more recently education.

She came to Sora because she wanted to work with students in a different kind of setting than her previous schools, specifically an environment that focused on project based learning. For her, Sora was “the kind of school I wished I had started.”

What’s a day at Sora look like for you?

After joining Sora, she developed a day-to-day routine for school days. Carolyn wakes up at around 7AM, and gets coffee or tea. Next she checks her calendar, emails, and messages to see what’s on her agenda for the day. Outside of her 1:1 meetings with students and group meetings, she does research on project ideas with students and workshops, finds extra resources for math, reads up on new curriculum and learning resources, and helps students out with their projects. To stay organized, she uses Google calendar and Retool (a dashboard to keep track of things at Sora), which she updates as she goes. Carolyn sometimes likes to pop into different clubs like photography club and art club to see what the students are doing outside of their studies. Beyond Sora, Carolyn stays busy with her family and catching up with friends.

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