Sora is the most innovative private online middle school and high school available in North America. Fully accredited by Cognia, NCAA & WASC.

We partner with Relocation Companies to offer a unique solution for your relocating or repatriating families within North America.

Take the hassle of school search off your relocation to-do list with Sora Schools. 

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SORA (6-12)


Welcome to the future of school.

Sora is the student-centered middle school and high school that provides curious adolescents with the freedom to explore their interests, challenge themselves, and discover their future paths.

Our students grow by mastering skills and concepts in projects that reflect the real world while preparing them for the challenges of their future. They are supported by a diverse community, a blend of both live and independent learning, engaged faculty, and a dynamic academic journey.

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  • Sora provides a nationwide solution for all your relocation client families, take one hassle out of the client family’s relocation with Sora, as it’s available online, anywhere in North America.
  • Pre-decision/departure your client family can already enroll their child in Sora private middle or high school, taking the hassle out of finding a new school, housing in the school district, and school enrollment.
  • Sora admissions counselors will be at your service to support the family through the admissions process regardless of which stage of the relocation process your client family is in.
  • Sora is an easy option to present with your relocation package as an option for the family to tick off school from the to-do list with America’s most innovative middle and high school (6-12).
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  • Ability to already enroll and get settled with Sora before even relocating!
  • Best 21st-century education and academic experience, making today’s students into tomorrow’s changemakers.
  • Peace of mind to complete the entire middle and or high school in a single institution, setting up for college success.
  • No need to worry about transferring credits when moving and changing schools, your journey with Sora continues wherever you move.
  • Fully accredited by Cognia, NCAA & WASC.

Join our 

The best way to experience Sora is to join our next 30-minute virtual event for prospective parents and students as we pull back the curtain on our amazing school experience.

You’ll get to hear about our academic approach and curriculum, mastery-based learning expeditions, student life, tuition, and enrollment process with an open Q&A at the end of the session.

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For our relocation company partners, we provide a quarterly internal communications package to inform your relocating client families about the benefits of Sora. 

The communication package includes a PowerPoint presentation and the school viewbook. We are happy to tailor content for your needs and invite your relocating client families to Sora Open Houses.


Our mission is to empower students to thrive through an education as unique as they are.

Welcome to Sora

Here, we do school… differently. Why? Because it’s the 21st century! And today’s students need a modern version of school built around them, and things they care about.

Why Sora Schools

Hear from a few Sora students about what makes Sora special. Sora is a live, virtual project-based high school designed to accelerate students towards their wildest dreams.

Meet Christopher Wilson, Head of Schools

Sora Schools is a virtual, project-based, fully accredited middle school and high school designed to accelerate students towards their wildest dreams: whether that’s college, starting a new business, jumping straight into their career, or anything in between.

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