Webinar: The Future of School

Thursday, July 21st at 11am PT / 2pm ET

What are the latest trends driving the future of school? Join us for a conversation with Sora’s CEO Garrett Smiley, Christy Cleugh from ASU Prep Digital, and Ana Fabrega from Synthesis moderated by Sora’s Tara Baumgarten to discover the most exciting innovations today.

Our Speakers:


Garrett Smiley, CEO & Co-Founder, Sora Schools

Christy Cleugh, Director of National Partnerships, ASU Prep Digital

Tara Baumgarten, Product Manager, Sora Schools

Ana Lorena Fabrega (aka Ms. Fab), Chief Evangelist at Synthesis

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Unconventional learning, unconventional success

Imagine what’s possible if your student attended a school that encouraged dreaming big— and delivered on that value by allowing them the possibility of earning academic credit for following their own lines of inquiry. Or what could happen if schools do away with traditional grading and instead use a system that doesn’t penalize learners for not understanding something the first time around, encouraging them to work through roadblocks.

Teachers could spend less time lecturing and more time coaching students through roadblocks. Imagine what’s possible when school is made for students. We call this the future of school. While we can’t put a price on the future, we can be sure that our children will shape it.

Join us for a conversation with leading voices in the field of education innovation to discover how we empower all students reach their unbounded potential – no matter where learning takes place. 

Our goal is to document and forecast the evolution of education in real time. Together, we can do right by our future to use the opportunity we have now to make sure teachers and students have what they need to do school anywhere and in a way that serves everyone. 

We are pivoting from long-standing policies that will open the doorway to major changes. We are being invited to unearth what’s possible for our kids and their education.

About Garrett

garrett smiley headshot

CEO & Co-Founder,
Sora Schools

As a child in a military family, Garrett was exposed to many different cities and new forms of education. Every time he moved, he tracked the variations in his education which ultimately sparked a passion for improving learning experiences. Later in life, he grew his understanding of project-based learning through work with Georgia’s foster youth. Now, as the CEO of Sora Schools, Garrett is on a mission to provide a world-class, innovative education to the world.

Growing up, Ana attended 10 schools in seven different countries, then became a teacher and taught hundreds of kids in New York, Boston, and Panama. Ana left teaching in Summer 2019 to become an EDUpreneur—a passionate educator outside the classroom building learning alternatives that break the mold. Ana is now Chief Evangelist at Synthesis, a new online learning experience for curious and ambitious kids who want to learn how to build the future. Synthesis is scaling up the most innovative ideas from Ad Astra—the school our cofounder started with Elon Musk— using a game-based approach to learning. 

About Ms. Fab

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Chief Evangelist,

About Christy

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Director of National Partnerships,
ASU Prep Digital

Christy Cleugh is an experienced Educational Consultant and Leader focused on collaboration with district and school partners seeking the best learning opportunities for their students. Skilled in Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Adult Education, Sales, Curriculum Development, and Public Speaking. Christy is an Arts and Design professional with a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) focused in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University.

Tara Baumgarten is a learning designer turned product manager committed to preparing students for the future of work. She began her career as a learning designer at George Washington University where she quickly learned why it’s difficult to innovate inside a large traditional school system. Gradually, she found herself working with more “boundary-spanning” organizations designing learning experiences that both inspire and work. This work eventually led her to become the first learning designer & product manager at Sora Schools. Tara is obsessed with bringing the art and science of learning to all students because they deserve better!

About Tara

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Product Manager,
Sora Schools