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In-person opportunities

We believe school is about community

We continue to provide new and innovative ways for students to connect online and in person.

Fostering In-Person Connections

This year we piloted an in-person co-learning space in Atlanta where almost a dozen students attend regularly, and for students in other parts of the country, we connect families in the same geographic areas for local meet-ups like scheduled dinners, co-learning sessions, group projects, field trips, and more. Additionally, many of our students connect in person with one another during their travels across the country and the world! As we think about next school year, Sora’s team is considering how we might offer additional opportunities for in-person connections in the form of regular regional pop-up meetings that offer social, educational, and community service-oriented components for students and their families.

The in-person Sora meet-ups are so much fun. They are a great way to make and strengthen connections with those at your school. I highly recommend them to anyone that can go; it’s definitely worth trying.

Parent at Sora

Atlanta Signature Experience 2023

A group of Sora students came together in Atlanta to form connections and embark on a place-based learning expedition to explore the city.

In-person connection

Local meet ups

Opportunity to hang out with other families who share the same passion for education, community, and personal growth.

Atlanta Co-learning space

Opportunity to attend Sora with your peers in Atlanta, GA region.

Philadelphia Signature Experience 2023

Some middle school families gathered in Philadelphia to connect and explore the city in a place-based learning expedition.

Connecting with students and families in person helped transform my teaching into coaching by fostering closer and more meaningful relationships.

Lauren Jaffe, Expert NOVA Campus


We have a robust orientation process for all new students and their families to understand how to excel in our unique program. This includes a series of informative workshops, “foundations” expeditions, guided registration planning with your student’s advisor, and icebreaker events for students to bond with their new housemates.