Introducing Tracks at Sora: Advancing Students Towards Their Future Careers

Introducing Tracks at Sora: Advancing Students Towards Their Future Careers – Sora Schools

Our educational philosophy at Sora boils down to two key facets: help students explore their interests and discover themselves, and accelerate them towards their future careers and fields of study. For the first year and a half of our school’s existence, we have spent significant resources, time, and focus on the first goal.

With our new Tracks program, we’re dedicated to fulfilling the second goal.

Tracks are career and field of study oriented programs that any student at Sora can enroll in. In our program, as students narrow their fields of interest and begin to pursue more advanced work, they choose a Track from a wide range of fields. Tracks are led by Track Advisors who come from industry and often have multiple years of experience in that particular field. This program is designed for students who are looking to deeply explore their selected field and want to receive focused mentorship and resources.

In Tracks, students work on guided industry-focused projects, receive career mentorship, and explore their chosen field. They meet with their Track Advisor multiple times per week for guidance and to get input on their projects. Students that participate in Tracks also work on their core academic requirements through their Independent Projects and Learning Expeditions.

Currently, we have three Tracks at Sora: Engineering, Design, and Health Sciences. By Fall 2021, our program will offer 7 Tracks in total.

Learn more about our Tracks program here.

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