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the Sora community!

Sora Schools is the project-based, virtual middle and high school that helps students soar. Our families and parent ambassadors have spread the word about what makes Sora the best environment for curious and intelligent children.

Our Parent Ambassadors, Student Ambassadors and Admissions team invite you to our Trivia Night Event on Monday, March 14th at 7:30pm ET! We’ll be doing Sora-style expedition-themed trivia and mixing and mingling with current students and parents. We’re excited to meet you! 

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Join our Trivia Night event!

Don’t miss it! This event is a great opportunity for both current families and their friends to mix and mingle with the Sora community and get an inside look at life at Sora.  Sign up below and look out for more details to come via email about the event on 3/14. 

We look forward to getting to know you! 

Meet with admissions

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Hear from our community

Interested in learning more?

Founders Garrett Smiley, Wesley Samples & Indra Sofian sat down with Tyisha Fernandes to discuss the future of virtual school, Sora’s vision & more. 

WSB Channel 2 | Atlanta, GA

Caleb entered a 3D modeling competition in which he designed a new, better, unbreakable pencil eraser. Watch the video to see Caleb’s whole process.

CALEB, Sora Student

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Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program at Sora Schools is an exciting leadership opportunity for middle and high school students. Check out our Student Ambassadors here. 

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Parents Stay Connected via HeartBeat

Heartbeat is the parent community platform aimed to bridge the gap between Sora and its families. Parents can connect with each other, receive updates, ask questions to Sora staff and faculty, plus much more.  Learn more about Heartbeat here. 
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Students Getting Involved

There are a variety of student clubs and extracurriculars at Sora, including the creative writing club, the photography club, the robotics team, the e-sports team, the ASL club, and more. We encourage students to find their niche. 

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Trivia Night: Expedition Edition

At Sora, students actively explore novel subjects and fields of study through Learning Expeditions. 

These expeditions are active learning experiences designed by our Learning Experts, held a couple of times per week and centered on a topic based on community level interest. 

This 1-hour engaging virtual event gives prospective parents a front row seat to Sora’s world-class Learning Expeditions in the form of trivia, led by our parent ambassadors. 

Come meet our incomparable Admissions team members, dive into an interactive learning activity, and connect with other families interested in exploring Sora’s innovative curriculum.

If you know of interested families who may be looking for a change, or curious about Sora, (or people who just love trivia) feel free to extend the invite! Our Trivia Night event will serve as an authentic way to connect with current Sora parents, have some fun, and learn more about how we build an intentional and vibrant student led community. Learn more about our learning expeditions here. 

What is a day at Sora like?

Student calendars look like this ➡️

During the day they have unstructured time to work on their project, Learning Goals, and pre-assigned work for upcoming sessions.

Sora’s weekly schedule operates on a block schedule: Mondays/Thursdays and Tuesdays/Fridays. Wednesdays tend to be more flexible days for meetings and project work. Individual schedules depend on the student’s expeditions and tracks.

As parents, you may log onto the Sora Home portal to view your student’s calendars as well.

Every student has an individual project at all times. They are either in the Generalist track, or a career track. Both are led by Track Advisors.

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Sora is "traditional"

Sora supports time-honored traditions that parents can look forward to down the road and reinforce that students won’t “miss out” on certain key happenings.

Students meet with each other every school day, collaborating on group projects, participating in clubs and extracurricular activities, and socializing.

Peer-to-peer accountability is a key aspect of their education, and students consistently enrich the education of other students. Students meet constantly throughout the week, academically and socially, allowing them to build strong bonds and lifelong friendships.

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