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Power your Learning Pod with a World-Class, High-School Education

We believe every student opting-out of a traditional education should have access to exceptional teachers, personalized curriculum, and passionate classmates. Sora has been running the top innovative, online high school. Now, we feel that it’s our duty to help families through COVID.

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Design a Video Game

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Engage in Socratic Discussions

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Build a Robot

Students collaborate with teachers to create curriculum

Students work with our teachers to create their own curriculum for every subject which includes individualized projects, ambitious challenges, and cutting-edge software to teach the core concepts. Students get a say in their evaluation method, so they’ll likely never take a traditional test. We follow an Oxford-like model where our teachers serve to challenge students, scaffold learning, and help them complete their goals, not deliver boring lectures. Because we give the students autonomy and voice in their learning, they are more engaged and have better academic outcomes. 

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A thoughtful blend of live and independent learning

We love how projects and live workshops encourage students to dive deep and develop lasting knowledge. However, it’s important for our students to first understand the key concepts! We create and curate online videos, books, articles, and adaptive practice for students to gain confidence before putting their skills to work. And, if they ever get stuck, our TAs and Teachers are there to help!

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best homeschool academy

A supportive, passionate community

Sora is much more than just a regular high school. Our program fosters a community of passionate, diverse students working on ambitious projects in a variety of different fields and subjects. Innovation and learning doesn’t happen in isolation — students collaborate constantly throughout the program.

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A schedule like college, not a factory

We believe teenagers are incredible, but our system is underestimating them. Instead of mandating seat-time for students, we give them plenty of time for deep, focused work between their exciting, synchronous events like workshops and discussions! When they have a question, we have full-time experts ready to answer each and every question — or just nerd out about physics!

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best online academy

Dozens of mentors ready to help your student

High school is the last step before a really big decision, whether that’s choosing a college and major or starting a first job. Regardless, we want to connect every type of student with a mentor who has been in their situation. From the military to silicon valley, we’ve got everything covered!

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Our app tracks it all, so you can focus on the fun stuff

Students, parents, and faculty can effortlessly stay on top of student progress with our custom software. See how your student is performing in each subject down to the individual academic standard. Also, our AI loves to organically connect students for learning opportunities!

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Does your pod have...

More than 5 teenagers?

Great! We’ll train the lead parent to facilitate the two daily meetings and work with the students on their soft-skill development! Your teenagers can be their very own “house” which means they compete against other students across the country in academic competitions and can create their own laws within our community!

Less than 5 teenagers?

No problem! We’ll add your students to a group, or “house”, with other students across the country. We’ll handle all the daily meetings as well as the academics. You can focus on making the environment focused and fun!

Hear From Our Community

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Play Video

My favorite part is the group projects—they’re really fun.

Sora’s energy is doing a project on something you know nothing about and then getting really into it.

They really challenge Cade to learn new things, pushing his boundaries.