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Middle school

For grades 6-8

Sora’s middle school students work closely with supportive and nurturing faculty, undertaking interdisciplinary learning experiences.

We use a mastery-based approach to evaluate learning, allowing students to demonstrate skills and abilities at their own pace and in multiple contexts while fostering intrinsic motivation to deepen understanding. 

Sora Middle School

is an exploratory, nurturing, and community-building experience where students are exposed to a wide variety of topics to expand their interests. Middle School cultivates the key academic and life skills that will serve them in future endeavors.

Life at Sora

Our school offers a unique approach. It combines synchronous meetings, learning expeditions, student life engagement, and asynchronous independent study expeditions.

The Project-Based learning and autonomy have been a very welcome change for our daughter. We find the teachers innovative, engaged, and dedicated to student growth, and we are excited to be part of a community dedicated to academic evolution.

Current Sora Parent

Learning experiences

Sora students make requests from a selection of hundreds of engaging
learning experiences based on their interests.

Accreditation & love

CEEB Code- 110355

Cognia Accredited


Niche Grade