Offering Tuition Discount for Military

Founded by the son of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, Sora is the online middle school and high school for families on the go. As a thank you for your service to our country, Sora is offering a special limited-time offer of 20% off tuition for children of active duty and honorably discharged military.

Sora is now enrolling grades 6 through 11 for fall. 

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Note: We are not currently enrolling rising seniors at this time. We are also not able to serve GED seeking adults. 

Hear from our community

Interested in learning more?

“We created Sora, a school where you don’t have to choose. We combine a world-class education with the flexibility of an online community and program.” 

Garrett Smiley, CEO & Co-Founder

“I decided to design my own eraser, the Fusion 360. It is super durable and strong, and it does erase! That’s my model- patent pending.”

CALEB, Sora Student


Learn how our customizable curriculum will encourage hands-on learning and re-ignite their curiosity.  Students at Sora even have a chance to design their own independent study projects for academic credit. Student projects have demonstrated mastery in the language arts, humanities, and STEM fields — all while working towards their careers.

Real-World Projects

Sora is a project-based learning environment where students can start their own projects and choose their own timeline. As students progress through their projects, they regularly meet with faculty to discuss, troubleshoot, and guide them towards their end deliverables. Unlike traditional school, Sora marries the independence of a homeschool academy with a thought-provoking program that supports their growth and prepares them for their future endeavors.

Dynamic Learning Community

We follow a learning model where our teachers serve to challenge students, structure individual curriculum plans, facilitate their learning, and help them complete their goals, not deliver boring lectures. Sora provides community-wide live support via industry mentors, counselors, faculty, and peer groups.


garrett smiley headshot

About Garrett

Garrett Smiley is the co-founder and CEO of Sora Schools, a network of future-focused schools. Before Sora, Garrett co-founded two non-profits: one in foster youth education and the other in water infrastructure. Ever since his own childhood bouncing from school to school as a military brat, he’s been deeply interested in learning science and innovative pedagogy.

“Today, technology in the classroom means less lecture time and more engaging online resources that excite students. Instead of losing students’ attention throughout a 45-minute lecture, teachers are finding valuable technology that engages students and teaches the same content more productively, allowing them to work one-on-one with students or introduce a more challenging curriculum to high-achievers.

But although a promising step in the right direction, this is only half the battle. We don’t just need to teach kids our traditional subjects more productively, we need to rethink how we’re structuring school in the first place.” – Garrett Smiley, via Forbes.

How is Sora Different?

Unlike traditional schools that teach out of a textbook, Sora’s learning expeditions are designed to engage students in applied learning. They might learn geometry through designing their own architecture plans, philosophy and rhetoric through analyzing popular films, and anatomy through an expert-led dissection.

Sora’s full-time, fully-accredited program is comprised of creative lessons such as (“The Science of Marvel,” “Engineering Rollercoasters,” and “Philosophy, Logic, and the Art of Argumentation.””) Self-directed independent assignments lead students to tackle questions from “What if Monet was a contemporary artist working with digital tools?” to “What are the economics behind building a tiny house community?” and beyond.

How Our Program Works

At Sora, our teachers design online classes for middle and high school students that are interdisciplinary, engaging, and made relevant to today’s world–and all of it is academically accredited. Teachers at Sora help students scope their projects and are given many chances to demonstrate mastery of a concept. In other words, students are not penalized for not understanding a concept the first time around.

Students, with the aid of seasoned learning experts, have the opportunity to propose their own independent study projects for academic credit. If approved, the project will be overseen by a learning expert and allow students to build on their areas of interest and inquiry. Because we give the students autonomy and voice in their learning, they are more engaged and have better academic outcomes.

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