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Social Activities

Student community to build
relationships and school memories.

Spirit Weeks

Throughout the year, every Sora Campus runs a series of themed week-long events, activities, and challenges across Sora for what we refer to as Spirit Week. Led by the Campus Dean, Spirit Week is a time for each House to get their game on, come together as a Campus, earn House Cup points, and show their unique House flair. At the end of the week, Houses come together to celebrate their efforts and cheer on the House that emerges as the Spirit Week Champion!

Past themes have included All Hallows’ Spirit Week leading up to Halloween, Road Trip Adventure exploring the various places the Campus calls home, and Novapalooza, a music festival Spirit Week where every day explored a new world based on music genres. Thanks to student input, Deans are always creating new and innovative ways to level up the week’s festivities and bring everyone together.


With so many awesome community events happening throughout the year, the best way to remember them for years to come is by spotlighting them in our yearbook! Student committees work alongside staff to conceptualize the designs, capture the essence of each topic, and collect photos throughout the year. Students also enjoy an annual Photo Day where they can choose their yearbook photo and any ideas they’d like the Yearbook Committee to consider including or creating.

All Sora students receive a free interactive digital yearbook where they can send messages, videos, and even put stickers on the pages they want to customize. 

High School Dances

Why limit a school dance to a gymnasium when our ideas are so much bigger? At Sora, student committees work with staff to build immersive Sorafied dance experiences for their peers to log on, connect, explore…and dance to amazing curated playlists! All high school students are invited to our fall Homecoming where they can celebrate the new school year, make new friends through interactive games, capture memories in a virtual photo booth, and show off their favorite looks while breaking a best dance move or two. Fall Spirit Week leads into Homecoming and helps everyone get into the theme before the big event. 

Juniors and Seniors end the school year with a special prom before graduation where they can invite guests and spend quality time together before graduation. Many students enjoy wearing traditional prom dresses and tuxes while others opt to embrace the unique student-selected themes such as the celestial An Enchanted Masquerade or our history-inspired Sparkling Soirée: A Roaring 20s Prom. 

Sora Gives Back

During National Volunteer Month each April, the entire Sora community comes together to celebrate a common cause, share resources, get involved, and make a collective impact. Students, families, and staff all have the opportunity to share the causes near and dear to their hearts and come together to participate in challenges related to that year’s theme.

Campus Events

As a community of creatives and innovators, there are always new traditions to begin at Sora! Events like Sora’s Got Talent, the Sustainable Fashion Challenge, and even a Studio Ghibli-themed “Lock In” are just a few events that our Campuses have enjoyed. Themed pop-ups for holidays and celebrations open discussion and connections, while themed office hours and Movement Mondays add a little extra fun to key parts of the school week.

Family Fun

We also care about families as a whole! From family fun nights to family appreciation events and Sorawide cookbooks, there are many ways for students and parents (and siblings!) to get involved and share their school spirit!