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A revolutionary learning platform

Sora home is a proprietary software that enables an entirely new kind of interdisciplinary mastery-based and student-led education.

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Cutting through uncertainty

At most schools, students struggle to remember their upcoming schoolwork and parents only hear about progress two or three times per year.

At Sora, see daily feedback and assessment from our experts and stay on top of upcoming tasks with our beautiful daily planner.

Real-world learning

Select from our more than 400 innovative Expeditions where students work on projects with real-world impact. These learning experiences are engaging in interdisciplinary classes.

Your portal to Sora

An immersive experience for both parents and students. Students connect with their peers and stay up to date with their learning experiences. Parents stay in the loop by viewing recent progress or connecting with their student’s advisor or school leadership.

Journey Builder

This pioneering software allows Sora families to visualize a student's whole educational journey through middle and high school, adjusting their trajectory as interests, strengths, and goals change.

We believe students best develop their worldviews by taking control of their education and leading with curiosity. In traditional education, students often disengage from class because they feel forced to be there; however, at Sora, they care because they chose it.