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For students who aren’t engaged in traditional schools, our program was specifically designed to encourage collaborative, creative work between students on their own interests. 

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Our faculty work together in an interdisciplinary fashion to help manage their projects, scaffold their learning process, and expose them to new subjects and opportunities. External work opportunities such as internships and professional mentorship are provided to students to help them explore their career aspirations. By the end of the program, students are self-directed, thoughtful individuals who are prepared for the next phase of their lives.

Our Student Council Meets Weekly to Improve Sora

Students meet weekly in Roadmap Club to discuss our product roadmap, make real changes to their school, and run their own product experiments. For example, our students have worked to restructure our school days to add in extra checkpoints and office hours. 

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Fantasy Book Club

Ghosts Workshop

Physics of StarWars

Hear From Our Students

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“My favorite part is the group projects—they’re really fun.”

“Sora schools’ energy is doing a project about something you know nothing about then finding it really interesting”

“I really like the research and discussion aspects of Sora.”

Students Start Their Own Projects

Code Your Own Videogame

Build a Robot

Be a Photojournalist

Sora is a project-based environment where students can start their own projects, choose their own timeline, and set their own evaluation metrics. We follow an Oxford-like model, where our learning experts serve as topical experts and collaborate with students on their projects.

Meet a Mentor

When a student wants to learn more about a specific field, they can access our mentor network. We’ve assembled a network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, journalists, engineers, computer scientists, designers, artists, scientists, and more!

Explore Careers and Develop Professionally

Each student has a weekly meeting with their counselor to check in on their projects, graduation progress, and personal development. Our counselors also work with students to build professional skills needed to work in the real world. 

Acquire Real Work Experience Through Work + Study

We work with our students to find meaningful opportunities in their field of interest. Through our Work + Study Program, students build valuable technical and soft skills and even contribute back towards their tuition. 

Interested in Learning More?

Don’t hesitate to reach out about anything! We love to chat about your child’s future and how we can help them achieve their wildest dreams.


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