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A Live, Virtual High School Designed to Accelerate Your Student Towards Their Wildest Dreams

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Personalized Curriculum

Students create and work on projects in their fields of interest, customizing their high school experience.

Work on Real World Projects

Our projects simulate true working environments and often center on real world problems and challenges.

Supportive Community

Students are part of a community of enthusiastic young learners who all help each other succeed.

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91% of students at Sora are very likely to recommend the school to their friends

How Our Program Works

Sora is an inquiry-based, PBL environment where students can start their own projects, choose their own timeline, and set their own evaluation metrics. We follow an Oxford-like model, where our learning experts serve as topical experts and collaborate with students on their projects. This allows students in our program to learn and move at whatever pace they would like.

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Sora Morning Standup

Fantasy Book Club

Ghosts Workshop

Physics of StarWars

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