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Sora Schools is the virtual middle and high school that helps students soar utilizing a project-based approach. Our families and parent ambassadors have been spreading the word about what makes Sora the best environment for curious and intelligent children. 

We currently serve students all over Greater Atlanta, including Marietta, Duluth, Stone Mountain, Athens, Canton, Kennesaw, Savannah, Grayson, Acworth and more. 

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Founders Garrett Smiley, Wesley Samples & Indra Sofian sat down with Tyisha Fernandes to discuss the future of virtual school, Sora’s vision & more. 

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“I decided to design my own eraser, the Fusion 360. It is super durable and strong, and it does erase! That’s my model- patent pending.”

CALEB, Sora Student

Independent Learning

As students progress through their project, they regularly meet with faculty who are available to discuss, troubleshoot, and help guide them towards their end deliverables. Instead of lectures, these learning expeditions are socratic discussions, projects, labs, and other active learning formats.

Parents Stay Connected via HeartBeat

Heartbeat is the parent community platform aimed to bridge the gap between Sora and its families. Parents can connect with each other, receive updates, ask questions to Sora staff and faculty, plus much more.  Learn more about Heartbeat here. 

Mastery-Based Transcript

Our program produces a mastery-based transcript for colleges and other institutions of higher education. This also helps students draw a clear path of their journey, adding context and color to their decisions. 

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How 3 Georgia Tech alum changed the education game

Sora Schools was founded by Wesley Samples, Indra Sofian, and Garrett Smiley, who met while attending Georgia Tech. Their progressive virtual education platform was conceived pre-COVID, which has only intensified the nationwide need for new innovative educational options.

The idea began when Sofian and his co-founders were chatting about their high school experiences and realized a majority of their complaints were the same, such as curricula that prioritize memorization over actual learning. The founders began talking to parents, students and mentors to discover what school should be like and how it can best serve the students.

“One of the big ones is we just went through high school and didn’t feel like the things we learned were connected to anything in the real world,” he said. “I feel like we didn’t know anything … We felt like we were playing a game, not actually caring about what we learned, at least in my personal school experience.”

“Sora is all about community, where the individual interests of students are prioritized,” said Sora Schools Founder and CEO Garrett Smiley. “Our students learn in the way that best suits them and where they can gain hands-on experience in their personal areas of interest.” Smiley said.

Learn more about our learning expeditions here. 

In-Person Option Available

We’ve partnered with KaiPod, which hosts in-person learning spaces for homeschooled students and remote learners. We’re piloting a space in Roswell, Georgia to bring together Sora students who choose to participate. Connect with an Admissions Counselor to learn more. 

The coaches are there to help through online coursework, while also leading enrichment activities meant to give the social edge back to the school day.