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Sora Schools is the virtual middle and high school that helps students soar, utilizing a project-based approach. Our families and parent ambassadors have spread the word about what makes Sora the best environment for curious and intelligent children.

We currently serve students all over Texas including Austin, Fulshear, Cypress, Aledo, McKinney, El Paso, Houston, Leander, Dallas and more. 

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“The relationships between students and teachers is less formal at Sora, and the teachers are really available. The connection between student and teacher is really important to me.”

HAILEY, Sora Student

“I decided to design my own eraser, the Fusion 360. It is super durable and strong, and it does erase! That’s my model- patent pending.”

CALEB, Sora Student

Independent Learning

As students progress through their project, they regularly meet with faculty who are available to discuss, troubleshoot, and help guide them towards their end deliverables. Instead of lectures, these learning expeditions are socratic discussions, projects, labs, and other active learning formats.

Parents Stay Connected via HeartBeat

Heartbeat is the parent community platform aimed to bridge the gap between Sora and its families. Parents can connect with each other, receive updates, ask questions to Sora staff and faculty, plus much more.  Learn more about Heartbeat here. 

Mastery-Based Transcript

Our program produces a mastery-based transcript for colleges and other institutions of higher education. This also helps students draw a clear path of their journey, adding context and color to their decisions. 

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SXSW Edu x Sora:
Democratic Education

“Democratic education allows students and educators to have a say in their learning. It asks: how do you want to address this material?”

Aria Whitney, a sophomore at Sora Schools, would know. They, along with their peers John Hay and Simon Verrill, took the stage at this year’s SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas, to discuss their first hand experience in democratic education environments. Chris Wilson, Sora’s Head of Schools, moderated the conversation in front of an audience of over 65 parents, teachers, and other education professionals. SXSW EDU panels rarely feature student voices and Sora is proud of Aria, John, and Simon not only for thoughtfully sharing the stage in one of the most notable and forethinking education conferences— but also for representing the Sora ethos so well.

Simon explained this to the audience at SXSW EDU with a first-hand example about one of her projects where she turned a shipping container into a house. During the process, she was able to branch off and learn about environmental science. “That wasn’t specifically related to the shipping container house,” Simon told the audience, “but I was allowed to follow this tangent motivated by my passion, and I received academic credit for it.” If your own student is curious and hasn’t been exposed to project-based learning, check out the free Sora Activity Library that you can use at home.

At Sora, our vision is to design an educational home for students who are motivated, intellectually curious, and open-minded in a way that builds their critical thinking and decision-making muscles. And it’s these experiences, not memory alone, that builds the skills necessary to take on new challenges in the pursuit of personal growth, truth, and knowledge. 

Choosing The Right School

When families enroll with Sora, they are choosing to join a vibrant student-centered community that offers world-class learning expeditions, versatility to map when you earn your academic credits, and the best of technology to prepare students for what they determine to pursue after high school — whether that’s higher education, research, entrepreneurship, or any other ambition. From innovative forms of academic assessment to building in flexibility that gives students real agency to make their own academic decisions, we’ve designed our school to accelerate students toward their wildest dreams.

We are intentional about putting the interests of students first and encourage independent project proposals that set them up to be challenged and grow. Committing to Sora is fundamentally a choice to connect your student to the tools and resources that will nurture their agency as life-long learners and problem-solvers.

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