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A live, dynamic, online high school where students pursue their engineering passions alongside top industry field experts.

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“In any situation where I needed something, it was really useful to have teachers that actually knew about engineering.”

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Students design their own curriculum with the help of supportive academic counselors.

Real-World Projects

Students pursue their passions with industry-level projects with real-world application.


Dynamic Learning Community

Sora provides community-wide live support via industry mentors, counselors, faculty, and peer groups.


How the Engineering Track Works at Sora

In the Engineering Track, students design and execute projects across hardware, biomedical, mechanical, and computer engineering. The goal of the Engineering Track is expose students to broad engineering disciplines while they build a portfolio of career-readiness projects. 

At Sora, students work on a variety of hardware focused projects like building remote-controlled cars, prototyping a measuring tool with lasers, designing an environmentally friendly city, and so much more. 

Supporting our Engineering Track is a network of engineers from SpaceX, MIT Media Lab, Georgia Tech, the Center for Disease Control, and beyond.

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