Student Highlight: How Sora Broadened Fletcher’s Love For Learning

Student Highlight: How Sora Broadened Fletcher’s Love For Learning

Fletcher is currently a part-time STEM student at Sora. He shares how Sora has helped him discover a new appreciation for science while empowering him to level up his skills in architecture and interior design.

John: Welcome, Fletcher. What first drew you to Sora?

Fletcher: Before I went to Sora, I did homeschool. I’ve been homeschooled my entire life. My mom found out about Sora from another parent. I really liked the idea of the projects that Sora has because I love interior design and architecture. I always design homes with this 3D modeling app that I use. So I thought I could use that and focus on interior design for projects.  

I went to Experience Sora. We had a student panel where we got to meet a few of the students. It was really helpful to see what their take on Sora was. A few people asked about the projects, and the students on the panel shared about the projects they were working on. One of them was designing a shipping container house. I thought that was really cool with my interior design interests. 

John: It sounds like their sharing gave you a window into what Sora is like, so you could say, “Hey, I can see myself doing this.”

Fletcher: Yeah, it was really helpful.

John: Tell us more about your homeschooling experience. What was that like for you?

Fletcher: I would go to hybrid schools. I was homeschooled mainly for math, science, and history. Then one day a week I would go to a school for socializing, and we would have art classes. 

John: So you covered all of your basic courses at home, and then you connected with this hybrid school to socialize with people and take what were essentially electives.

Fletcher: Yeah.

John: What led you to look for more through an online school?

Fletcher: Because of the pandemic, my mom started looking for online schools. That’s when her friend recommended Sora. I thought it would be cool. I wasn’t too sure about online school at first, but now I really like it. I’m not too used to change, and I didn’t really want to change schools. But I’m very glad I did because this feels more like a school than doing it at home by myself. It’s really fun.

John: How was the transition from in-person to online school when you joined Sora?

Fletcher: I was a little worried about using Zoom and video conference. But it hasn’t been too hard of a switch. It’s been pretty easy. You don’t have to get in the car and wake up earlier. I really enjoy online school. 

John: What has Sora’s online experience allowed you to do that you weren’t able to do before?

Fletcher: It’s opened me up more. I wasn’t a big fan of science. In person, we would do more science experiments, and I’d be more excited about mixing things than actually learning the concepts. But at Sora I’ve been enjoying learning science more.

For my first project, which I’d say is my favorite project, I was able to mix science with designing homes and architecture. I designed an eco-friendly neighborhood. I researched all the plants and what makes a home eco-friendly. I really like environmental science, so that was really cool. I’ve also done a couple of other projects combining science and home design.

My goal was to create a colorful, playful space where people can grow and learn. 

My second favorite project, which I did recently–I designed a school. My friend wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so I designed a school for her as my client, and she designed the curriculum. I designed a greenhouse down the middle. I researched photosynthesis and designed gardens. I made sure designing the school was based around learning those topics. My goal was to create a colorful, playful space where people can grow and learn. 

John: So Sora gave you the flexibility to take your greatest passion–architecture, interior design–and incorporate the science relevant to that in your studies. That way you can still get credit for science but in a way that actually contributes to the main field that you’re wanting to prepare for. 

Fletcher: Yeah, definitely. And it makes it more fun to learn. 

John: Would you like to share anything else for people considering Sora?

Fletcher: I definitely recommend it. It’s fun. Everyone is really nice. It’s my favorite school.

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