Student Project Spotlights

The History of Handwashing

Our student Hannah gives a detailed history of the sterilization methods for doctors, their impact, and the controversy around them when they first came out. She also examines problems that still persist in our medical system today with hand-washing and cleaning of hospitals. 

The Mini House

Our student Asa covers electrical engineering topics as well as structural design considerations that need to be made when constructing a house. In his presentation he walks through the mini house he built and explains how these concepts all work together. 

Analyzing Lies

Our student Cade was curious about why people act dishonestly. For this project, Cade covers how lies are constructed, why people lie, and how brain imaging is being used to explore brain activity during the act of lying.

Researching Essential Oils

Our student Ava researched essential oils and their anti-inflammatory properties. In this presentation, she covers what essential oils are, why they are used, their effects on the body, and the most common types used in her study. 

The Science of Rocket Materials

Our student William has studied the various materials needed to construct a rocket for space missions. In this presentation, he covers materials such as stainless steel, aluminum lithium alloy and carbon composites as well as the key properties that make them desirable for missions.  

Learning Adobe Photoshop

Our student Caleb wanted to master the basics of Photoshop. In this project, he leveled up in some of Sora’s design skills by fully creating a scene from a movie layer by layer.

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