The #1 High School For Gamers.

At Sora, we take pride in being passionate — whether that’s learning in the classroom or building our skills in League of Legends. It’s why our team is currently the reigning amateur champs in League, taking home the national title in the Amateur Esports Tournament (AEA) in Stillwater, Oklahoma this summer and $1,000 in scholarship money. 

The best part? Whether you’re already a gamer or have no prior experience, Team Sora welcomes you as long as you can play and (study!) with honor.

Are you ready to embrace the love of the sport with us?

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Discover what Sora is all about.

We are the premier virtual school for students who feel at home online.  Sign up now to learn more about our innovative, student-centered school and speak with an admissions counselor!

Note: We are currently not accepting applications from rising seniors at this time. We are also not able to serve GED-seeking adults.

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Hear From Esports Students And Parents

“I actually joined Team Sora without ever playing League. And then we won the national championship” – Max (ingame name: Pengo1)

Max, Esports Player at Sora

“The camaraderie that gaming creates and the community that forms naturally within a team is great and gets them thinking.”

Marlon, Sora Parent

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What is Esports?

While your student may already be building a skillset in an electronic game, Esports takes the game and turns it into so much more.

Esports stands for electronic sports and refers to the organized competition of players and teams in specific video games, like League of Legends (referred to simply as “League”). A rapidly growing, exciting global community composed of professional players, university players on scholarship, and now youth Esports in middle school and high school leagues, Esports at Sora is about teamwork, camaraderie, and belonging.

Players meet regularly for practice where they build up their individual and group skills in League, a game that our players have described as a “multiplayer version of chess.”

Benefits of Esports

Esports is about teamwork, camaraderie, and the thrill of the game not to mention, growing career and scholarship opportunities. 

Varsity Esports at Sora is a place for meaningful, values-based connection, thanks in large part to the direction of Karlin Oei (Head Coach), himself a professional League player on a mission to impart a love of the game to youth players. He coaches Team Sora in League, imparting to them the ideals and values of good sportsmanship and camaraderie, as well as the technical aspects of the game.

In many ways, the benefits of Esports are comparable to that of traditional sports while utilizing a different approach to reaping those benefits.

Professional League of Legends Curriculum

Karlin Oei (known by his League of Legends in-game name, Faith) started his career in Esports in high school. As he tells the story, he was involved in a wide variety of extracurriculars, from orchestra to swim team, but it was playing League where he felt like he really belonged. When he went to college, he became a varsity Esports athlete, team captain, and founding member of UTD Esports (the University of Texas at Dallas) where they won over $80,000 in Esports scholarships. 

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Team Sora: Taking E-Sports to new heights with EKUSO

Using his decade of experience in Esports, Karlin “faith” Oei founded and developed the EKUSO Esports Youth Development (EEYD) program in 2020 to host a network of scholastic Esports programs designed by Esports athletes for Esports athletes. The EEYD is described as “systematically providing whatever is necessary (in any context) in order to enable every participant the best chance to engage in fun, meaningful, and developmental Esports competition.” What’s perhaps most important about the EEYD is its interactive nature — Sora’s Esports team regularly contributes to help pave the way for the future of Esports development!

Karlin’s experience is inspiring to students and parents: in 2018, he led his UT Dallas Esports team to be crowned the Southern CLOL (Collegiate League) champions and ranked among the top 8 college Esports programs in North America that competed at LCS (League Championship Series) studios in Los Angeles, California. 

Parents and potential players unfamiliar with the game might wonder, what does it take to play League of Legends or how to get started in Esports? Karlin describes League as a ‘execution-based chess game’, but multiplayer and easier to get into with the right team environment. All Esports titles and especially League relies heavily on strategy, execution, communication, teamwork, and fast reflexes. In 2022, Karlin (Head Coach) led Team Sora to win the AEA National Championship and $1,000 in scholarship money!

A Unique Blend of Virtual and In-Person Learning

Sora is a virtual-first school, but we also believe in the importance of in-person experiences in education.

Through a partnership with Kaipod Learning, we offer the opportunity for our students to meet and learn alongside other students in-person in physical locations around the country.

This program is a supplement to a student’s daily program and experience at Sora–students can enroll at Sora with or without the co-learning space option.

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How Our Program Works

At Sora, our amazing faculty and curriculum team design online classes for middle and high school students that are interdisciplinary, engaging, and applicable to the real world. Classes at Sora aren’t “Physics 101”-we offer “The Science of Marvel, “Engineering Rollercoasters, and “Philosophy, Logic, and the Art of Argumentation”. Each class–we call them Learning Expeditions–start with guiding questions like “What if Monet was a contemporary artist working with digital tools?” and allow students to design their projects and deliverables with their own unique interpretations. Students choose and enroll in new Learning Expeditions every six weeks.

Outside of Learning Expeditions, our Learning Experts help students create their own independent projects where they get to dive deep into subjects and topics they want to learn more about. Our mastery-based learning model gives students many opportunities to demonstrate their learning. In other words, students are not penalized for not understanding a concept the first time around. Learning is a continuous journey at Sora with no “high stakes” testing.

Learn more about our innovative curriculum here

How 3 Georgia Tech alum changed the education game

Sora Schools was founded by Wesley Samples, Indra Sofian, and Garrett Smiley, who met while attending Georgia Tech. Sora’s virtual, student-centered learning model was conceived pre-COVID, which has only intensified the nationwide need for new innovative educational options.

The idea began when Garrett, Indra, and Wesley were chatting about their high school experiences and realized a majority of their complaints were the same–schools placed too much emphasis on rote memorization over true learning, didn’t teach students important soft skills and mindsets, and didn’t actually prepare students for their future careers and fields of study. The founders began talking to parents, students and mentors to discover what school should be and how it can best serve students, eventually launching Sora in Fall 2019.

“One of the big ones is we just went through high school and didn’t feel like the things we learned were connected to anything in the real world,” said Sora Schools Founder and CEO Garrett Smiley. “I feel like we didn’t know anything … We felt like we were playing a game, not actually caring about what we learned, at least in my personal school experience.”

“Sora is centered on the student, where the individual interests of students are prioritized. Our students choose how they want to learn and are empowered to go deep into their chosen subjects and fields of study.” said Smiley.

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