How the Work + Study Program Works

One of our core educational philosophies at Sora is that people should learn skills and knowledge in environments as close as possible to the real world. 

In our Work + Study program, students do exactly that! We connect students through our partner network with real businesses and organizations. They work on select projects that have actual impact and apply the skills and knowledge they’ve learned while in our school. In turn, they also learn about different industries and types of work and explore their career aspirations. Students not only gain valuable experience in a real world business environment, but also build their portfolios of work that they can use for future college and job applications. 

Throughout the year, students work part-time after their normal school hours. On average, students work roughly 2 hours every day during the week on projects with our partnered organizations. 

In addition, the earnings from their work go directly towards their tuition and help fund their personalized education at Sora, giving access to a greater amount of students around the country who otherwise would not be able to afford it. With this program, tuition for our full-time program could be as low as $400 per month–more than 50% of our normal tuition.

Ultimately, students who attend Sora learn important 21st century skills and know how to apply their knowledge to real world challenges and problems. We’re educating the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Work + Study Tracks

Our Work + Study program is divided into tracks based on the type of work.

Currently, we have one track available for students interested in the work-study program. In the future, as our program grows we will expand our tracks to encompass software engineering, social media marketing, tutoring, and even more!

Sora Work Study Content Marketing
Content Marketing

In our Content Marketing track, students build writing, editing, and marketing skills. 

By helping businesses craft articles, blog posts, and even website copy, students quickly learn how to create valuable content that help sustain businesses. They learn about the psychology of writing and how to drive digital traffic to websites. They also pick up soft skills like collaboration, creative problem solving, and critical thinking. 

Overall, they leave with valuable knowledge that can apply to many fields of work in the future.

Interested in Enrolling Your Student?

We’re looking for enthusiastic high school students who are seeking a challenging and fulfilling educational environment and want to join a community of passionate learners.