Sora Journal

2024 Student Showcase

By Sora Schools

On April 18, Sora Schools hosted the 3rd Annual Student Showcase, featuring students presenting the projects that they created in Expeditions, which are live, expert-led lessons for which students create a final project deliverable. 

“I want to thank you, students, who are here tonight who have prepared the work and practiced to make these presentations, our faculty who have worked with them, our Student and Family Experience (SFX) team who has helped pull this whole event together, and our Sora parents and guardians who entrust their children to us day in and day out,” said Jonathan Oglesbee, High School Director. “We are student-centered, hands-on, experiential, real-world, and project-based and it’s through that project work that students explore their interests, challenge themselves, sometimes find their future paths, and master skills and competencies that will be critical for success in the 21st century.”

At Sora, students are exposed to a wide variety of topics and disciplines, from learning experiences that they chose. They work toward mastery of subject matter units across Math, STEM, and Humanities, as well as key abilities like reading critically, quantitative reasoning, effective communication, conducting primary research, and more. They demonstrate their knowledge in the form of projects.

Project Presentations

Students, faculty, families, and guests were treated to several breakout rooms with amazing presentations from our talented students, including projects focused on STEM and Humanities subjects.  

To get a glimpse into some of the projects that were shared, take a look at these articles:

Thank you to everyone who attended the 3rd Annual Student Showcase. If you want to see even more amazing examples of student projects, visit Student Work here in Sora Journal.