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Sora Schools Video Game Concept Art Project

Design a Video Game

Engage in Socratic Discussions

Meet with Industry Mentors

Students collaborate with teachers to design their curriculum

Students work with our teachers and counselors to create their own curriculum for every subject which includes individualized projects, ambitious challenges, and cutting-edge software to teach the core subjects of Math, Science, English, and History. We don’t have traditional testing in our program–teachers assess student knowledge and competency through a variety of different methods such as project presentations, 1:1 conversations, and more. We follow an Oxford-like model where our teachers serve to challenge students, scaffold learning, and help them complete their goals, not deliver boring lectures. Because we give the students autonomy and voice in their learning, they are more engaged and have better academic outcomes. 

A thoughtful blend of live and independent learning

At Sora, projects and live workshops encourage students to dive deep into subjects and develop lasting knowledge. However, it is also important for students to first understand the foundational concepts–for that, we create and curate online videos, books, articles, and adaptive practice for students to gain confidence before putting their skills to work. Additionally, students have quick access to teachers and TAs if they ever get stuck.

A schedule like college, not a factory

We believe teenagers are incredible, but our system is underestimating them. Instead of mandating seat-time for students, we give them plenty of time for deep, focused work between their exciting, synchronous events like workshops and discussions! When they have a question, we have full-time experts ready to answer each and every question — or just nerd out about physics!

Competitive in college admissions

Sora is one of the first online schools to be selected to join the prestigious Mastery Transcript Consortium. This consortium is a hand-picked group of hundreds of leading, innovative schools which report their transcripts in a common format to gain an advantage in the college admissions process. Graduating students from Sora receive a diploma and transcript that they can apply with to any university.

Sora is also a member of ALCVS, an association of learner-centered, virtual schools verified based on their college readiness and family satisfaction scores.

An active, social community of students

Innovation and learning doesn’t happen in isolation — students collaborate constantly in projects and their work throughout the program. In our community, students meet and interact with each other every day, participate together in live events, and form strong, lasting relationships.

Dozens of industry mentors ready to help your student

High school is the last step before a big decision, whether that’s choosing a college and major or starting a first job. We connect every type of student with a mentor with professional work experience who can provide guidance for their goals.

Hear From Our Community

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My favorite part is the group projects—they’re really fun.

Sora’s energy is doing a project on something you know nothing about and then getting really into it.

They really challenge Cade to learn new things, pushing his boundaries.

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