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A Live, Virtual High School Designed to Accelerate Your Student Toward Their Wildest Dreams

Work on passion-based projects, meet industry professional mentors, and join a community of enthusiastic, ambitious learners.

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The traditional school model is not engaging. Students often miss the relevance of traditional classwork, leaving them bored and uninspired.

In our program, we use an individualized, project-based learning approach where we work 1:1 with students to design projects based around their interests, making it both relevant to their aspirations and the skills they will need to succeed in the workforce. Overall, students are part of a community of enthusiastic young learners who all push each other to excel, collaborate on projects, and support others when help is needed. By the end of the program, students are self-directed, thoughtful individuals who are prepared for higher education and their future careers.

Sora Schools Video Game Concept Art Project

Design a Video Game

Build a robot

Invest in Real Estate

Students Start Their Own Projects

Sora is an inquiry-based, PBL environment where students can start their own projects, choose their own timeline, and set their own evaluation metrics. We follow an Oxford-like model, where our learning experts serve as topical experts and collaborate with students on their projects. Because we give the students autonomy and voice in their learning, they are more engaged and have better learning outcomes. 

Students Help Run The School

Students meet weekly in Roadmap Club, where they meet with our administration and discuss our school roadmap, make real changes to our program, and run experimental initiatives. This empowers students and instills a sense of responsibility to build and maintain their community.

Students Are Part of a Supportive Community

Sora is much more than just a regular high school. Our program fosters a community of passionate students working on ambitious projects in a variety of different fields and subjects. Innovation and learning doesn’t happen in isolation — students collaborate constantly throughout the program.

See Your Student's Progress Every Step of the Way

Students and parents can stay on top of their academic progress with our personalized software. See how your student is performing in each subject down to the individual academic standard.

Hear From Our Community

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My favorite part is the group projects—they’re really fun.

Sora’s energy is doing a project on something you know nothing about and then getting really into it.

They really challenge Cade to learn new things, pushing his boundaries.

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