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Welcome to Sora

The award-winning online school where 6th-12th graders create projects inspired by real-world challenges.

Sora is the private online middle and high school that ignites curiosity and equips students with essential skills for the future.

A full-time school program accredited by Cognia, WASC, and approved by NCAA. 

Middle School
High School

Our mission

School is traditionally built on repetition and rote memorization. But now machines and Artificial Intelligence are very good at that. If students are to thrive in the new world, they need a fundamentally different skill set. They don’t need to compete with machines; they instead must become more human.

Innovative curriculum

Every six weeks, we offer over 400 interest-based classes and a mastery-based assessment system that rewards trial and error, your student will fall in love with the world we share while developing essential 21st-century skills.

project based homeschooling

Life at Sora

Our school offers a unique approach. We combine engaging live sessions, focused independent study, and energetic community-building experiences and student clubs into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Learning experiences

Our students still learn the "normal" content; it's just split up and re-bundled into exciting classes. We offer over 400 choices every six weeks, so each student can customize their journey based on their interests. 

Sora families can be anywhere and everywhere

mastery based learning

Ever feel like you are a servant to your school's calendar? Sora is built around your busy life, from business opportunities to travel plans. Take your kids with you, and their school can come too.

My child has become truly engaged, enthusiastic, and taken full ownership of her learning. It has been amazing to sit alongside her transformation!

Current parent at Sora

Accreditation & love

CEEB Code- 110355

Cognia Accredited


Niche Grade


We have a robust orientation process for all new students and their families to understand how to excel in our unique program. This includes a series of informative workshops, “foundations” expeditions, guided registration planning with your student’s advisor, and icebreaker events for students to bond with their new housemates.