Sora Journal

Earth Day Celebration

By Sora Schools

Sora students had several exciting activities and challenges to celebrate Earth Day and give back to the beautiful planet that gives us so much every day. Students shared their results with peers in threads dedicated to these challenges in Heartbeat, a platform Sora uses for community building and communication.

Water Saving Playlist

Did you know that by reducing your shower time to 5 minutes, you can save more than 1,500 gallons of water per year?!

Sora students were challenged to create a shower playlist that is 5 minutes or less and share it with their classmates. 

In the playlists, we saw some Taylor Swift, Beyonce, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, The Roots, songs from TV shows and musicals, some meme songs, and so much more. 

Upcycle Challenge

Students were tasked with turning trash into treasure by “upcycling” waste around their homes. 

Upcycling is a process of transforming waste into something new. By upcycling, you are reducing the pollutants of air, land, and water in the processing of new goods, preventing additional natural resources from being used to create a new product, and reducing the amount of excess waste in landfills. 

Below are some projects that were submitted:

Upcycled soda cans turned into planters! What a great example of reuse. 

A student created "plarn," a yarn made from plastic bags, and began a knitting project with it!

This student's family had a broken watering can, and they found a new purpose for it.

How cute is this fairy nightlight made in an old pasta sauce jar!

Home Sweet Earth

We all call Earth home, but Sora students live in many different locations with unique local environments. Students were encouraged to submit photos of their beautiful natural environment. Here are some examples: 

In addition to helping the Earth, students received House Cup points for participating in these fun challenges. Sora regularly hosts pop-up activities like this for students to celebrate important holidays or themes together.