Sora Journal

Introducing the Sora Journal Podcast

By Sora Schools

We are excited to introduce the first episode of Sora Journal Podcast! This podcast showcases the student and family experience at Sora Schools, highlighting a fascinating Expedition (live, expert-led and project-based classes), a presentation of student work, a parent panel about the Sora community, and a Drama Extracurricular performance. Experience a glimpse into what it’s like to be a part of this dynamic, empowering community. 

In this first episode, you will hear:

0:00 - How to Hack Your Brain Expedition Feature with Garrett Smiley, CEO & Co-Founder, Cat Evans, Humanities Expert, and Mackie and Francis, Sora High School Students

16:14 - Parent Corner with Rachel Reed, Family Relationships Manager, and Tiffany, Tina, and Lucia, Sora Parents

23:38 - Coffee Time, featuring student work from Mya B., Sora Middle School Student. Read the whole piece here

24:57 - Drama Extracurricular Improv Skit, with Lawrence Stallings, Drama Extracurricular Coach, and Sora students: Carter, Charlie, Keegan, Elisabeth, Oliver, Lucero, and Max 

29:44 - Credits