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Trends in Education • 2024

Trend 02

Beyond the Cape

Unleashing the
Superhero Potential
in Every Teacher

In 2023, we identified “Teachers are now Coaches,” highlighting that teachers will shift into more of a coaching role. We are seeing this trend accelerate in 2024 by harnessing the power of AI and embracing AI as co-pilots. We can liberate teachers from the mundane and empower them to unleash their true superpowers.

The cape once worn by teachers wasn't made of silk, but of the invisible fabric of responsibility. They juggled lesson plans, graded papers, and nurtured young minds, all while grappling with the kryptonite of administrative tasks and standardized tests. This juggling act often overshadowed the true superpower of teachers: their ability to unlock the potential within every student and build the human connection.

In this new era, AI co-pilots step in, liberating teachers from the clutches of mundane tasks. We are already seeing AI bots tackling administrative work like grading, report generation, and creating customized lesson plans. Services like have developed 20+ AI tools to assist teachers, automating time-consuming tasks, providing personalized support for both students and teachers, and helping them create more effective and engaging learning experiences. Another platform, Eduaide.AI helps educators create lesson plans, offers teaching resources, and provides assessments. We are also seeing software giants like Microsoft expanding copilot access in education to positively impact learning and support teachers. 

This frees teachers to focus on what truly matters - the human connection with their students. AI enables the teacher's inner superhero to become visible and empowered - it enables pedagogical ideas to be refined efficiently and offers a design partner with whom teachers can brainstorm ideas and create multifaceted assignments that take the students' individual abilities and interests into account. 

"In order to be a good teacher for your students, it's imperative that you never stop learning." 

— Keeden Hopkins, STEM Expert, Sora Schools

Here are the results of whether families agree that AI technology should help free up teachers from administrative tasks and allow them to focus more on student interaction and personalized learning.


Strongly Agree








Not sure

Source: Sora Schools Survey, 2024

I believe AI can significantly reduce teachers' administrative work, like grading and record-keeping, allowing them to focus more on student interaction and personalized teaching, thus enhancing the overall learning experience and work on what they love (and what I'd love as parent to see, more adult time with my kids).

Parent at Sora Schools

I have been working on automation in engineering for many years, and we always come to a point were the human revision was needed and we had to repair many things done by the program. We have to be very careful with tasks that are given to AI and what stays with the teachers. AI bases its criteria on data inputs and if by any chance the teacher inputs something wrong it will take a while if ever to correct.

Parent at Sora Schools

This evolution transcends mere content delivery. Teachers, unburdened by administrative tasks, emerge as master facilitators. They create immersive learning experiences that ignite critical thinking, weaving collaboration into the learning experience and fueling a culture of innovation. 

Teachers can delve into each student's world, offering formative feedback that extends beyond academic performance to encompass emotional well-being and personal growth.

Remember, teachers are not robots in capes; they are the heart and soul of the educational process. AI is not here to replace them, but to empower them. By embracing this new reality, we can unleash the true potential of every teacher, transforming them into superheroes who ignite the curiosity, creativity, and lifelong love of learning in every student.

The student is the sun, around which the tools of education orbit. 

John Dewey, American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer

Uncharted Waters

"Beyond the Cape" represents not just a trend but a revolutionary shift in education. It acknowledges teachers' true potential and equips them with the AI tools to unleash it. This change is crafting a world where teachers soar as educational superheroes, inspiring each student to reach for the stars.

However, this journey faces obstacles: Most AI tools, even those designed specifically for use in schools, require significant training and onboarding, as well as dedicated funds and support. Most schools utilize administrative systems, including Learning Management Systems, that lack fundamental tools and capabilities in an AI-driven world.  We have expanded on this specific trend here - The Renaissance of Learning Management Systems.

In a world where information is free and accessible to all at our fingertips, ‘teaching’ takes on a different meaning. Today’s teachers need to enable students to do things that those of us in prior generations could never have dreamed of before.

Christopher Wilson, Head of Schools, Sora Schools

Our view at Sora

At Sora, we provide our teachers with the tools and skills needed to thrive in the rapidly-changing technology and education space. This empowers them to transition from mere conveyors of information to mentors. We are providing AI and tech resources and streamlining administrative tasks, thereby enabling our experts to dedicate more time to fostering relationships with students and delivering personalized learning experiences.

"As an expert at Sora, I love empowering students to reimagine their learning through real-world expeditions based on their own passions and interests."

Megan Maeang, STEM Expert, Sora Schools