High School Sports: Sora Approved by NCAA

The team at Sora Schools is proud to announce that our virtual high school has been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is a member-led organization dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes.

If your child is interested in pursuing sports in college, NCAA eligibility can be a gamechanger. For many college athletes, the NCAA provides the financial, academic, and personal support they need to pursue their dreams without limits.

The NCAA supports college athletes in five major ways:

  1. Financial Support: the NCAA awards billions of dollars of athletic scholarships to nearly 200,000 college athletes, while also providing additional assistance with college and traveling costs.
  1. Wellness and Safety: the NCAA provides lifetime insurance coverage for catastrophic injuries to athletes and unlimited meals through Divisions I and II schools.
  1. Sponsored Opportunities: “the NCAA funds 90 championships in 24 sports, including paying for almost 14 million miles of travel to get athletes to the competitions.”
  1. Academic Support: the NCAA grants student athletes access to tutoring and advisory services. Division I students are showing an all-time high graduation rate with over 80% earning their bachelor’s degree. 
  1. Networking and Professional Development: the NCAA presents a Student-Athlete Leadership Forum and Career in Sport Forum. Its Game Career Center also helps alumni find job opportunities after graduation.

While public schools are approved by the NCAA by default, private and charter schools must undergo an extensive approval process. This approval means that your high school student can enroll at Sora with a bright future in college sports.

At Sora, we put our students at the forefront. We’re thrilled to receive the NCAA’s approval, so that we can connect student athletes with the support they need to pursue their passions and receive an amazing high school education.

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