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What Parents Love About Sora

“The most attractive component for me as a parent when selecting a school for my first-year high schooler was the way that Sora is structured and how it shows that they care more about the education process and not just the students’ ability to take and pass a test. Sora’s goals are more passion-oriented and focused but still making certain that their students are college-ready and beyond.”

TRACY, Sora Parent

“Sora is the perfect balance of self-directed learning and academic rigor. Students at Sora have both autonomy and also caring, brilliant adults gently nudging them to apply high standards to themselves. My teen loves the whole structure of Sora: the self-government, the gamification of learning through competitions between houses, and the ability to work in academics into projects.”

KRISTIN, Sora Parent

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Enrollment Options

Sora Schools offers both a middle and high school program, serving students in Grades 6-12.

Sora is determined to provide bright, motivated, curious students with a world-class education. Our middle school program serves students in Grades 6-8, and the high school enrolls students in Grades 9-12. The vast majority of families enroll in the full-time program, with a small handful in the part-time program who either homeschool or otherwise participate in an asynchronous school experience. There is no part-time option for middle school students.

$3,600 to $12,000 per year

Sora’s full-time, year-round school. This is all-inclusive enrollment in our private virtual middle or high school, including learning programs and software, books, project materials, and school resources such as the Mentor Network. Upon graduation, students receive our accredited high school transcript. Tuition amount can vary, depending on Flexible Tuition grants. We also offer a variety of payment plans.

$3,000 to $6,000 per year

Part-time, project based learning in an academic area of your choice (STEM or Humanities). Focuses on designing and managing projects in the selected area for students, general career exposure and discovery, and involvement in the Sora student body and community at large. No full transcript provided, primarily for homeschooling families. Tuition amount can vary, depending on Flexible Tuition grants. We also offer a variety of payment plans. The part-time option is not available to middle school students.

Flexible Tuition

At Sora, we believe that to prepare students to explore the world, our school community should reflect the real world with a diverse student body that is representative of all socio-economic backgrounds. To achieve this goal, Sora seeks to enroll motivated, intellectually curious, and open-minded students whose families understand and embrace the mission of Sora through our Flexible Tuition Program.

Flexible Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program. This program allows families to apply for reduced tuition, taking their financial circumstances into account and making a Sora education affordable to qualified students who could not otherwise join our school community. Sora encourages all families to apply for Flexible Tuition if they think they may qualify. You can read more about the Flexible Tuition application process on the SSS Website for Parents & Families.

We encourage interested families to request further information about Flexible Tuition from the Admissions Office at (470) 517-3619 if they have concerns about affordability.

There are a wide range of families who qualify, from those who can afford only minimal tuition to those who can afford almost full tuition. Sora Schools awards an average of $5,000 per year to approximately 51% of the student body. The average annual income for families receiving Flexible Tuition is $50,000.

We recognize that every family situation is different and that even a small amount of reduced tuition can make a critical difference for many families. Sora encourages all families to apply for Flexible Tuition if they think they may qualify. Families receiving Flexible Tuition on average can expect to pay anywhere from $3,600 to $10,500 per year.

To help us objectively calculate what a family is able to contribute to educational expenses, families are asked to complete an online financial form through SSS, a National Association of Independent Schools tuition service, which evaluates a family’s ability to pay and is submitted to the Flexible Tuition Committee for review.

No. Unlike loans, our grants never have to be paid back.

No. Flexible Tuition grants are not guaranteed to remain the same year to year; in fact, they will change as families’ financial circumstances change. Because families may need one level of assistance one year—and more or less the next—all families are required to submit a new Flexible Tuition application every year. Students must remain in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to qualify for Flexible Tuition.

Admission applications and Flexible Tuition applications are reviewed separately, and submitting an application for Flexible Tuition has no bearing on an applicant’s admissibility. In addition, Flexible Tuition applications are confidential. Information is viewed only by the Flexible Tuition Committee, and only the Committee and the Business Office see the Flexible Tuition a family pays. All Flexible Tuition decisions are considered to be confidential agreements between Sora Schools and the recipient family, and should be treated in the same manner for families. Faculty and administrators are not privy to any financial materials, nor are they aware of which families apply or receive Flexible Tuition.

Sora does not have the resources to offer Flexible Tuition to every student who qualifies for both admission and a reduced tuition. We will not offer a space if we recognize that our Flexible Tuition budget will not meet a family’s Flexible Tuition need.

Sora uses the SSS application submitted by families as a starting point in determining the demonstrated need of a family. This includes such factors as family size, number of children attending schools that charge tuition, and assets/liabilities that are not reflected in household income.

The Flexible Tuition Committee uses a methodology that determines what a family might reasonably expect to contribute toward educational expenses. The total amount available from a family for education costs is divided among all children attending tuition-charging schools, through the undergraduate degree level. It is Sora’s policy that a family requesting tuition assistance from Sora will also apply for tuition assistance at all other tuition charging schools.

Each parent/guardian household must submit a separate Flexible Tuition application to be considered for Flexible Tuition. Consideration of all available resources from both parents/guardians and their spouses or live-in partners will be based upon the belief that a family’s contribution for education is a reflection of “the ability to contribute, not the willingness to contribute,” which is tuition assistance best practice. As a result, Sora is not bound by existing decrees, agreements or arrangements exempting a parent from financial responsibility for their child’s education. All financial information is kept strictly confidential and at no time will one household have access to the others’ information.

If a parent is no longer involved in the life of the child in any way, please speak directly with the Admissions Office at Sora to determine how to proceed. Sora awards a single Flexible Tuition award to the student and it is the responsibility of the parents to determine a payment schedule structure.

Sora Schools realizes that some families experience unexpected temporary financial stresses due to the sudden loss of a job, family illness, or other circumstances. Families are strongly encouraged to contact the Admissions Office as soon as it becomes apparent that there is a change in circumstance. We are happy to work with families to develop a temporary payment plan during a time of difficulty.

All financial information is treated as highly confidential. Only the Flexible Tuition Committee will see this information, and only the Committee and Business Office will see the award. School staff, faculty, and administrators are not privy to any financial materials, nor are they aware of which families receive Flexible Tuition.

The committee takes into account multiple enrollments or student applications from a family when making a decision on Flexible Tuition. We encourage any family with multiple children for whom paying full tuition is a challenge to apply for Flexible Tuition.

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