Experience Sora Yourself For 1 Day

Sign up today to virtually attend Sora for 1 day! Learn what it’s like to be a student in our unique, project-based high school and enter our admissions process for the program.

Through the Virtual Open House, you will have the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a student in our school. You will attend enriching workshops held by our faculty and live speaker sessions. You will meet our teachers and students, participate in discussions, and otherwise act as any other student at Sora would.

Personalized Curriculum

Sora’s project-based curriculum is individually built for each student’s interests and goals.

Work on Real World Projects

Our projects simulate true working environments and often center on real world problems and challenges.

Supportive Community

Students are part of a community of enthusiastic young learners who all help each other succeed.

Register for a Sora Schools Virtual Open House

Sora’s Virtual Open House is a unique opportunity to join Sora for 1 day. Check back soon to register for the next Virtual Open House happening this fall! During this time, you will meet with our teachers, attend a panel hosted by our students, and participate in a Learning Expedition with one of our Learning Experts. 

Live synchronous events happen between 12:30PM EST and 3PM EST. By reading this and checking “Yes, I understand”, you promise that you will adhere to these expectations and participate in Sora fully for the event!

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