Why These Parents Love Online High School

Why These Parents Love Online High School

No matter how big and shiny that widescreen T.V. looks on Amazon, there’s nothing like diving into the user reviews to find out if it’s actually worth your money. 

We understand that it’s no different when considering an online high school. So we asked parents with children enrolled at Sora to share their virtual school experiences. Sora is a fully accredited online high school whose mission is to make innovative, career-centered education accessible to students all over the globe.

We’ve organized these parents’ responses into categories for ease of reading. Organizing and minor grammatical edits aside, we’ve left their responses untouched. This way you can hear straight from parents like you why they’ve come to love online high school.

Here are 6 reasons Sora parents love online schooling for their children:

1. Online School is Designed to Maximize Students’ Personal Growth and Success

Sora is the perfect balance of self-directed learning and academic rigor. Students at Sora have both autonomy and also caring, brilliant adults gently nudging them to apply high standards to themselves. My teen loves the whole structure of Sora: the self-government, the gamification of learning through competitions between houses, and the ability to work in academics into projects.


The most attractive component for me as a parent when selecting a school for my first-year high schooler was the way that Sora is structured and how it shows that they care more about the education process and not just the students’ ability to take and pass a test. Sora’s goals are more passion-oriented and focused but still making certain that their students are college-ready and beyond.


2. Online School is Perfect for Homeschoolers Looking for a Change

We are long-time homeschoolers, and the homeschool teen years can be tricky. Teens naturally want more independence. Mom and Dad are not the preferred teachers anymore, but it’s hard to find quality homeschool teachers for advanced high school classes. Sora definitely meets that need.
We’re all happier now that we don’t have to micro-manage our teen’s schoolwork.


3. Online School Fosters a Love of Learning Beyond Initial Interests

My son is so much more excited and invested in learning now. He was consistently bored and disillusioned at our local public school, and so the change has been like night and day. It’s been amazing to see as a parent.


Sora has not only allowed my son to pursue his interest in computer coding, but it’s also gotten him excited to learn about other subjects.


Sora has developed in my daughter in the few short months of her attending, a level of confidence and willingness to take charge of a project and see it to the end. Aria has always been well advanced and dedicated to her academics.
Now I see a love for her school and enjoyment that had not been there prior to Sora.
She has always been kind of standoffish and did her work as a loner, and now I see her reaching out, making connections. Her creativity has gotten a lot more advanced, and she is definitely honing skillsets that lied dormant prior to Sora. The things that I know she had within her, I am now seeing that potential come to life and it is simply beautiful to watch. Just think, this is only after a few months; I cannot wait to see what continues to unfold!


4. Online School Provides Both Stability and Flexibility

It doesn’t hurt that Sora is virtual, by design, during a very socially isolating pandemic. When we were looking to make a change this spring, it was very important to find something that would not be disrupted by the pandemic.
Now, we are looking at exploring the flexibility Sora provides. At Sora, you can attend from your living room, from a camper, or from another country.


5. Online School Grants Access to Specialized Preparation for Future Careers

When we first considered Sora, the most attractive thing to me and my son was the project-based learning structure that would give him the ability to pursue his interest in computer coding.


I feel that Sora is the best high school for Aria because it challenges her on a daily basis and it provides an advantage in the learning arena that she couldn’t get from a traditional high school setting. Aria’s desire and passion is in art. That is her choice of study and what she wants to do in college and beyond. Aria has a natural gift, and I do everything possible to help her cultivate that gift.

Sora allows Aria to follow her passion, making it a focal point, and it has the added bonus of providing her with the educational rigor of high school and it doesn’t hold her back from advancing at her own pace. I absolutely love that!


6. Online School Offers A Community that Brings out the Best in Students

Perhaps even more importantly, [my son] feels like a valued member of the Sora family–he really fits in with the other students and the learning experts. I love that my teen now has like-minded peers who are curious, creative, and ambitious. High achievement is the norm at Sora. It’s nice to have my teen surrounded by peers who similarly have projects strewn across their living rooms or backyards, but also attend a few college classes.

Sora has given my teen the opportunity to develop friendships with peers who inspire them. The founders and staff at Sora take time to connect with students and make them feel valued. My child is happy and engaged all day long at Sora.


Make a Plan

If you resonate with what these parents have to say, now is the time to make a plan for your child. You can plan a conversation right now with Sora’s admissions team over virtual coffee. 

We’re happy to help you decide if online school is the right fit for your child.

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