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 Student life activities

Unveiling the Vibrant Club Culture at Sora

Clubs at Sora are one of the most popular student life activities! All clubs are student-generated, student-led, and based on student interests ranging from art to gaming, cooking, and reading. They also have the support of a Club Champion, an adult from the community who shares that interest. Because clubs are driven by student interest, the offerings vary widely from one campus to another. Throughout the year, we host opportunities for students to chat with club leaders, learn about each club, and of course, join! 

One unique and popular club is Roadmap Club where students collaborate with school leaders to offer feedback and observations on various aspects of their school experience ranging from ideas for future learning expeditions to school policy changes. We also offer a regular Roadmap Club for parents so they have the opportunity to get important information from the school and share feedback and observations about their experience with school leaders.

Unleash Your Gaming Prowess

Led by a top .02% coach with collegiate championship experience, our championship-winning esports team is currently available to students on our high school campuses and consists of organized multiplayer video game competitions. Our esports team even has opportunities to compete at in-person competitions.