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House Advisors

Relationships are at the heart

Fostering Strong Connections

Relationships are at the heart of the Sora experience, and Sora students benefit from a House Advisor who leads their respective house and works to ensure each of their advisees is successful at Sora and beyond! To support progressive independence and the type of student support needed as they work through Sora’s program, students change house advisors and houses as they progress through the program from middle school to the high school foundations campus, and finally the high school capstone campus.

The House Advisor is a faculty member who serves as a first point of contact for students and parents. They provide a home base for students as they navigate the Sora journey, and are a reliable trusted adult from cycle to cycle. Advisors monitor a student’s goals, connect them with academic resources, and collaborate and communicate with parents to help a student successfully achieve their educational goals.