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Culture, connection, and community

Every student at Sora is a member of a House

And new students are sorted and welcomed into a House before their first day of school! House sorting is largely based on time zone and students’ shared interests. Each has about 15-20 students and is guided by a House Leader, a meaningful student leadership opportunity that helps to define the House culture and fosters connection and community within each House.

Students meet with their Houses in Standup and Checkpoint to begin and end the day for about 20 to 30 minutes. These are similar to a homeroom or advisory where students discuss their projects, and what they seek to accomplish that day, and engage in fun games and friendly competitions. These daily meetings help students hold themselves accountable to their plans and ensure they get the support they need to succeed that day.

Houses are mixed-grade level

Like learning expeditions, Houses are mixed-grade level on each respective campus, and students change houses, and house advisors, as they progress through the program from middle school to the high school.