Student Life

Better Together

At Sora, community is at the heart of our online school. As we encourage students to think independently and take ownership of their education, we also encourage students to build relationships through community avenues like events, clubs, and student government. Student life is not an afterthought at Sora — it’s a feature of our learning environment that supports each other, keeps each other accountable, and inspires everyone to work hard and dream big.

Students who enroll at Sora can expect to meet with each other every school day, whether that’s for collaborating on group projects, participating in clubs and extracurricular activities, or general socializing. While an average day at Sora varies for each student based on the projects they’re working on, students are always connected.

Our online community platform allows students to virtually feel the presence of others in the school and build friendships. It is very active with student conversation at all hours of the day, often even on weekends! School Houses are a sort of homeroom where students form some of their closest bonds.

Regular community events — like Spirit Week, occasional movie nights, the Student Showcase, numerous club meetings, and school dances — provide more opportunities for connection, inquiry, and celebration.

Student Houses

Every student at Sora is a member of a House. Each House consists of a small group of students and has a distinct identity and vibe formed by its members and leaders. Students are elected into House Leader positions by their peers and are responsible for hosting daily academic check-ins and being the point of contact for other students and faculty. Each House also engages in school-wide activities and acquires various points through attendance, special games, and presentations that contribute to the coveted House Cup Competition.

Student Leadership

Student leadership is an integral part of Sora. Much like in their learning, students rely on each other to maintain the spirit of the community as well as constantly improve the Sora experience. Although there are informal ways of achieving this, some students grow to lead their peers and be a part of formal leadership.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is a select handful of students who are responsible for advocating for their peers. They’re also tasked with holding them to a high standard in their actions and behaviors.

House Leadership

House Leaders help manage the student community and maintain the school culture. They are peer leaders who provide connection and comraderie within their Houses, as well as work to share school updates and facilitate House meetings.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are chosen to represent Sora to prospective students and their families throughout the admissions process. These students act as liaisons for those considering enrollment.

Special Event Committee

Students can opt to participate in committees throughout the year to bring to life amazing experiences for their school. From the Yearbook and Homecoming Committees to the Volunteer Day and Prom Committees, there are many opportunities and occasions to play a leadership role throughout the year.

Student Clubs & Activities

There are a variety of student clubs and extracurriculars at Sora, including the creative writing club, photography club, ASL club, and more. High school students also have the option of participating in robotics team and e-sports team. One of Sora’s most unique clubs is the roadmap club. Students meet to voice their perspectives on areas of improvement and provide feedback on initiatives. In this group, the students have actual power and influence in the creation, iteration, and implementation of changes that happen at Sora. We encourage students to find their niche. If one doesn’t exist yet, help create it! Sora empowers students to be proactive and approach activities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Due to this, our clubs are always growing and evolving.