Student Life

A true community

Authentic learning does not happen alone. At Sora, we believe in fostering an inclusive school community that supports each other, keeps each other accountable, and inspires everyone to work hard and dream big.

At Sora, almost everything we do is deeply collaborative. Students meet with each other over our online platform and over video multiple times every single day. They work on group projects with other students, hang out in clubs in the afternoons, and see each other often. Our online chat platform Discord allows students to virtually feel the presence of others in the school and is very active with student conversation at all hours of the day. In our program, students really do build relationships with others in the school.

Our student community is an integral part of the Sora experience. Not only do students actively participate in clubs, workshops, and related events, but students also contribute to each other’s learning academically.

Peer-to-peer accountability is a key aspect of their education, and students consistently enrich the education of other students through their project presentations and Learning Expeditions. Students meet constantly throughout the week, academically and socially, allowing them to build strong bonds and lifelong friendships.

Student houses

Much like what you’d find in the world of Harry Potter, every student at Sora is a member of a House.

There are five student houses: Heqet, Nightshade, Thornwood, Andromeda, and Paragon. Each house consists of about 10-15 students and has a distinct identity and personality, formed by its members and leaders. Houses are led by House Leaders who are students elected to the position by their peers.

In addition to meeting twice a day for morning standup and afternoon checkpoint, each House engages in school-wide activities and acquires various points through attendance, special games, and presentations that contribute to the coveted House Cup Competition. Houses are one of the most meaningful and enjoyable aspects of the Sora student experience! 

Learn more about an average day at Sora here. 

Student leadership

Student leadership is an integral part of Sora. Much like in their learning, students rely on each other to maintain the spirit of the community and constantly improve the Sora experience. Although there are informal ways of achieving this, some students are called upon to lead their peers and be a part of the leadership.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is a select handful of students who are responsible for advocating for their peers while holding them to a high standard in their actions and behaviors.

House leaders

House Leaders manage the student community and maintain the school culture. They provide accountability for their peers in their academic work and assist faculty. These students also lead their Houses during House competitions and other cultural events in the school.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are chosen to represent Sora to prospective students and their families throughout the admissions process. These students act as liaisons between the school staff and current student body, and those considering enrollment.

Student Clubs

Extra curricular clubs at Sora are a way for students to connect outside of their formal learning. Most students at Sora are part of at least one club, and some are members of multiple clubs!

At Sora, we currently have over 15 clubs. We constantly encourage new students to join a club that suits their interests and hobbies. Clubs at Sora are student-generated and student-led, and members can join one or as many clubs as they’d like! Below are examples of a few clubs at Sora.


Gaming is a significant part of many students’ lives nowadays. At Sora, students join our esports initiative to play games competitively. Players will practice periodically, prepare for online competitions, and generally work together to improve their gameplay and win tournaments.

For Fall 2021, Sora is actively recruiting students to join the esports team.

Photography Club

In Photography Club, students promote their visual artistry through sharing their photography with each other almost daily. They meet periodically to discuss techniques, critique each other’s work, and keep each other accountable. Participation is inclusive-any student can join the Photography channel and upload their work alongside others.

Photography Club is one of the most active and colorful clubs at Sora.

Roadmap Club

One of the most popular and unique clubs is Roadmap Club. This is a weekly open forum where students voice their perspectives on areas of improvement and provide feedback on initiatives. In this group, the students have actual power and influence in the creation, iteration, and implementation of changes that happen at Sora.

Learn more about the history of and what happens at Roadmap Club here.