Tuition & Affordability

Ensuring access for every student, regardless of income.


Sora schools offer both a middle and high school program, serving students in grades 6-12.

Sora is determined to provide bright, motivated, curious students with a world-class education. Our middle school program serves students in grades 6-8, and the high school enrolls students in grades 9-12.

Middle School & High School Tuition

Sora is a full-time school program. Enrollment in our private online middle or high school is all-inclusive, and includes learning programs and software, books, and most project materials. Tuition is $12,500, however 47 percent of families participate in the Flexible Tuition program and pay $6,000 annually on average.


project based homeschooling

At Sora, we believe that to prepare students to explore the world, our school community should reflect the real world with a diverse student body that is representative of all socio-economic backgrounds. To achieve this goal, Sora seeks to enroll motivated, intellectually curious, and open-minded students whose families understand and embrace the mission of Sora through our Flexible Tuition program.

Flexible Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program. It allows families to apply for reduced tuition, taking their financial circumstances into account and making a Sora education affordable to qualified students who could not otherwise join our school community. Sora encourages all families to apply for Flexible Tuition if they think they may qualify. You can read more about the Flexible Tuition application process on the
SSS website for parents and families

To request further information about Flexible Tuition, or if you have questions about affordability, please call our Admissions Office at
(470) 517-3619.


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