Welcome to Sora


Sora is an innovative online middle and high school. Much like Montessori, we empower students to craft their own academic journey and chase ambitious goals.

We believe agency is a core goal of an education, so every Sora student works closely with their advisor to craft their curriculum based on their interests.

Sora is a full-time middle and high school program, accredited by Cognia, WASC, and the NCAA.


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based on the latest learning science and accredited by Cognia, NCAA, & WASC.

Why Sora Schools

Hear from a few Sora students about what makes Sora special.

Welcome to Sora

Here, we do school… differently. Why? Because it’s the 21st century! And today’s students need a modern version of school built around them, and the things they care about.

Meet Christopher Wilson, Head of Schools

Sora Schools is a virtual, project-based, fully accredited independent learning school designed to accelerate students towards their wildest dreams: whether that’s college, starting a new business, jumping straight into their career, or anything in between.

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Keep the spirit of a Montessori education going with an interdisciplinary, project-based middle and high school.

Sora students work with their trusted advisor to craft a 6-year Sora journey through middle and high school. This can adapt as their interests, goals, and strengths change, but this is a powerful tool to center their experience on a personal purpose.

Importantly, only by taking the wheel of their education and leading with curiosity do students develop their worldview. In traditional forms of education, it’s easy for students to disengage from a class if they feel forced into taking it; however, it’s much harder to do so when they choose it themselves.

As students progress through Sora, they design more and more of their learning experiences, ultimately culminating in a 250-hour Capstone project before their graduation.

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Unfortunately, most schools separate learning into arbitrary subjects such as chemistry or European history. However, learning in the real world is rarely split by subject. This structure is a convenient organizational tool for adults but devastating for students’ education and understanding of the world.

At Sora, instead of siloing content and severing it from the world beyond the classroom, we equip students with the requisite skills and knowledge to address real, interdisciplinary problems. In our Learning Expeditions, students meet twice weekly in addition to independent work to explore a real-world inquiry, like “How to Create a Martian Colony”. By comprehensively exploring that question, they learn concepts in biology, chemistry, civics, and even calculus.

Boring classes? Nope, not here.

Tests and memorization are old school. We offer mastery-based learning
expeditions where you’ll work on projects with real-world impact.

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Visualize your progress. Map your learning journey.

Indulge your curiosity. Learn from anywhere.

All with our cutting-edge, custom learning software.

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top project based schools online
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World-Class Faculty Cultivating a

Faculty members advise about 15 students, creating close bonds and supporting them to chase their wildest dreams.

They also design and host our interdisciplinary learning expeditions, where they combine rigorous learning with their real-world passions.

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Maryah Laine
World Language Expert
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Angela Anskis
Dean of Students
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Adam Lifland
STEM Expert
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May Hong
Humanities Expert
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Keedan Hopkins
STEM Expert
“I love working with Sora students because the creative care and innovation that I see them display each day gives me hope for a better future. They consistently manage to make me laugh and bring me so much joy. I could never imagine not loving this job!“
“Sora is different from any other online school because we offer so many opportunities for socialization! With clubs, pop-up events, and house activities, our students have so many opportunities to connect with their peers and form lasting friendships.”
“I love working with Sora students because they're so thoughtful and are always thinking outside the box! We get to be so creative and learn about all kinds of exciting topics together.”
“My favorite thing about Sora students is that they're not only intellectually curious, they're also intellectually generous. I'm constantly inspired by how willing they are to share project ideas, creations, and feedback with the community in order to build and iterate on a collective learning space.”
“Sora is different from any other school because the focus isn't on test scores. It's about making good students into great adults. Here, each student has a unique experience because they are able to have more preference on how they want to learn and what they would like to learn about.”

An awesome

Sora’s students are immersed in social activities – from “House” leadership to student clubs and even our champion e-sports team.

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I think we should pay attention to the things that we want to learn that we’re going to use in the future. And the fact that you can connect with students with similar interests has been really helpful.

William, Captain of Sora's
e-sports team

I want to focus on ocean conservation and shark protection, and all of that started from going to one Expedition at Sora.

Cymri, Sora grad

When I started, it felt like I had been there forever, everyone is so supportive. The debate club is my favorite club.

Colton, Sora student

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With my house, we actually got close enough where we exchanged numbers. And we have this group chat where we talk outside of school and plan to meet up.

Aria, Sora studentt

Explore what makes Sora different

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We’d love to have you at our next 30-minute virtual event and pull back the curtain on our amazing learning experience.

You’ll hear about our academic approach and curriculum, mastery-based learning expeditions, student life, tuition, and enrollment process with an open Q&A at the end of the session.

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