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Sora’s curriculum

Empowering your student with innovative academics informed by the latest learning science

Interdisciplinary. Mastery-based. Student-led.

An engaging, relevant learning environment designed by each student according to their interests.

Interdisciplinary learning

Unfortunately, most schools separate learning into arbitrary subjects such as chemistry or European history. However, learning in the real world is rarely split by subject. This traditional structure is a convenient organizational tool for adults but devastating for students’ education and understanding of the world.

Mastery-based assessment

At the end of a learning experience, Sora students are awarded a zero to four score on each "Unit" and "Ability" based on their demonstrated mastery of the material. Crucially, scores are not final until graduation, so students can always try again. This way, students can “overwrite” poor performances and practice a growth mindset.

Learning Experiences

Sora students work with their trusted advisor to craft a 6-year Sora journey through middle and high school. This can adapt as their interests, goals, and strengths change, but this is a powerful tool to center their education on a personal purpose.


Expeditions are group learning experiences focused on topics of interest to students, where they apply their knowledge and skills to real world questions and problems.


Activities are individual, asynchronous learning experiences that allow students to deepen their mastery of concepts and abilities and earn credit toward graduation.


Independent Study Projects are student-designed learning experiences developed in partnership with faculty and undertaken independently.

Math at Sora

Like all of Sora’s learning experiences, our math program emphasizes project-based and mastery-oriented learning. Math serves as a tool for making sense of and improving our world. Students still strengthen their math muscles with practice and problem sets, but to the end of creating a fantastic project, not taking a high-stakes test.

Read our viewbook

Our viewbook is a twenty-page overview of our school model, curriculum, and student experience. You'll learn more about:

  1. How we measure credit (Units and Abilities)
  2. Cycles instead of semesters
  3. Our world-class faculty and the role of the Advisor
  4. Difference between middle and high school
  5. Student clubs and social life
  6. Our accredited transcript and college counseling
  7. Flexible tuition and admissions

Join a 30-min info session

Attend a 30-minute info session to learn more about our model, meet school leadership, and understand the admissions process.

Our info session is a great opportunity for you to get to know us better, ask any questions, and get a feel for our community. Use this tool to grab a virtual seat for an upcoming session.


Anthony Gault

Director of Enrollment Management, Sora Schools